Man Gets Detached Retina From Excessive Texting

June 3, 2014

Many of us have been accused of being a little bit too obsessed with our mobile phones at one time or another. Still, not many people can compare with the man in China who suffered a detached retina through excessive text messaging.

The 26-year-old phone user was text messaging his partner for a number of hours while in bed. However, he unfortunately began to suffer flashes in his eyesight.

After going to the doctors, he ended up having surgery to repair the detached retina.

Though this incident was likely made worse by the fact our Chinese friend was texting in the dark, there is becoming a real issue with damage to peoples eyes in recent times.

A Growing Problem

A detached retina is quite common among older folks, but is becoming more and more common in the modern generation. One theory is that this due to phone usage.

Optometrist Andrea Thau said: “Our eyes have evolved for three-dimensional viewing so we wind up over-focusing as we strain to find a 3-D image on a close-up 2-D screen.”

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