Man Goes in Hospital for Kidney Op; Gets Penis Cut Off!

March 26, 2015

There are many of us out there who don’t like hospitals. They are such cold, clinical places, and if you are in one, bar child birth, something has likely gone a little bit wrong. However, these places do save lives, and even they may not be our favourite place, if we go into one when we are ill, we do realise it is the right place for us.

Still, there are people who have a real fear of them. Sometimes that is irrational. However, in the case of this guy, it is totally justified!

Waking Up Without a Penis!

A former soldier is suing a hospital after going in to have a kidney operation, and instead having his penis amputated.

Costica Maroleanu had gone to the County Hospital in Buzau, Eastern Romania, suffering from kidney failure. Obviously, it didn’t go as was expected.

“After the operation they told me there were some complications.

“Apparently the nurse had not properly fitted a small plastic pipe to help me urinate, and my penis became red and infected.

“I was moved to intensive care and four days later was moved to the nephrology department where they took a sample, but then they just left me there for 10 days.

“Eventually they did an operation, but then doctor went on holiday.”

A spokesman for the hospital said: “The foreskin was stripped away completely and most of the cells in the organ were dead.

“The member was black and the only remaining skin was at the base of the shaft and highly infectious.

“It was recommended to remove the necrotic elements, meaning amputation.”

Mr Maroleanu added : “It was totally cut off. Now I urinate through an orifice that doctors made between my anus and my testicles.

“I urinate just like a woman. I’m devastated.”

Well, unsurprisingly, he wants a big pay off for his trouble.

He said: “If they hadn’t botched things up at the beginning this wouldn’t have happened.”

Immeasurable Sympathy

This is such a bad story that you couldn’t really make it up. Go in with kidney issues; wake up without a dick. I would probably end up topping myself.

Thankfully stories like this are really rare. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t end up on the pages of our blog. Really though, next time I have to go under general anesthetic for anything, I will wake up my grab my bits, just to make sure they are still there.

Anyway, chin up Costica; it could be worse. Actually, it probably couldn’t.

Have a drink on us; you probably deserve it!

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