Man Impersonated Officer When Wallet Stolen By Sex Worker

September 4, 2015

A guy in Winchester, USA is in jail after he impersonated a police officer in a vain attempt to get back his wallet which had been stolen by a sex worker.

It all started to go wrong for Colt Christopher around 10PM on Tuesday night when he solicited a prostitute.

Well I have no idea if he got what he had paid for, but what he didn’t expect was to find his wallet and been nicked.

Instead of letting it go, he went back to the apartment, started banging on the door, proclaiming he was a police officer. Instead of getting the desired result this merely scared the shit out of everyone in the complex.

Someone, believing he had a gun proceeded to call the real authorities. When they turned up, instead of acting conciliatory, Christopher turned round, told them to go away and stated once again he was police.

When the officer (the real one) identified him again, Christopher charged at him. After ignoring orders to stop, he was tased.

This really is a man whose night really went downhill rather fast!

He has now been charged with impersonating a peace officer, menacing, disorderly conduct, and alcohol intoxication.

It has to be said, at the risk of sounding obvious, Colt Christopher dealt with this all wrong. As he hasn’t been charged with soliciting a prostitute, it sounds like it isn’t a crime in that part of the world. He should really have called 911.

The Escort Review System

It also goes to show the benefits of the escort review system. Now I’m not going to say every escort is a thief. It is just blatantly untrue. 99.9% of escorts are wonderful service providers who give their clients an incredible time. Yet it would also be daft to say there aren’t a few rotten eggs. Whether they exist on this site, or on others, there will always be people looking to rip others off. It is the same as punters, it would be daft to think that every punter was a nice guy who just wanted to have a good time. Most are, but this is why escorts have security procedures. It is just common sense.

The escort review system means that you can have a look through previous encounters the escorts have, and you can ensure that you see an escort who has a good reputation. What you want is to have a good time, not to get ripped off.

Now that isn’t to say that escorts without reviews aren’t good. Everyone has to start somewhere. There is an associated risk whoever you meet.

The best thing to do is to not get drunk before you see an escort. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the 99.9% of good service providers will tell you to get lost. They don’t want to be with a drunk person as they have no idea what he is capable of.

In the unfortunate (and unlikely event) that you meet someone who is looking to take advantage, then you need to be in a position to be in control of your own surroundings. It is the same for escorts, they can’t work when drunk as you never know who is coming through the door.

So, read reviews and stay sober. Simples!

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Jajaja, he is a big stupid idiot :D Impersonating police officer is not very nice, why he did this? He think he get away and he was wrong.

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