Man Dumped By Girlfriend After Being caught having Sex With a Horse

October 24, 2017

man having sex with a horse

In some of the most bizarre news I have brought you in a while, a woman in Russia has dumped her boyfriend after he was caught having sex with a horse on CCTV.

After the incident which took place in the oil rich city of Ufa, the man lit a cigarette and smiled, feeling rather satisfied. However, it began to go wrong when he realised that there was CCTV filming his antics. Well, it could be argued it went wrong when he stuck his dick in a horse, but you get my point!

In an effort to cover up his crime, the man then set fire to a bale of hay on which the camera was sitting, causing an inferno.

Incredibly, the footage survived and the police launched an investigation.

The clip shows the man “pushing a mare into the corner of an outside arena, first touching her with his fingers, and then having sex with her.”

“A young man who was shown setting the hay on fire did so right after having sex with one of mares. Whatever got into his head is still not clear.

“He has a girlfriend – or rather he did have a girlfriend,” said a Russian news report.

It seems the local police immediately recognised the guy and have arrested him on suspicion of arson and he may face further charges of abusing an animal.

CCTV of man caught having sex with horse

An Angry Girlfriend

According to reports, his girlfriend was “inconsolable, furious and humiliated,”. I think that is pretty mild in comparison to what my girlfriend would feel. However, I imagine the Russian lady’s exact thoughts are unprintable.

Needless to say, social media was up in arms about it also.

“He should be castrated,” one person wrote.

“This is rape of the horse. He must be punished,” someone else stated.

Another said: “This girlfriend must be deep in thoughts now.”

Well yes.

The moral of the story has to be ‘never have sex with horses’. That shouldn’t be too difficult to remember.

I can only imagine how strong the vodka must be in that part of Russia!

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