Man Sticks Padlock Up His Penis (Picture)

December 7, 2017

X-Ray of padlock in bladder

Here at XEscorts, we bring you a lot of fantastic sex advice. We do this because we all know that people have different interests, and they don’t always come across as ‘normal’ to some of us. However, there are some things that sound a bad idea to nearly all of us and we think that only a moron would try it out. This story of a man sticking a padlock down his penis is one such occasion.

A 31 year old man was rushed to hospital after he shoved a padlock so far down his penis that it reached his bladder.

The unnamed man said he inserted the small lock into his urethra and then forced it further down.

Sexual Gratification

He later admitted to doing it in order to gain ‘sexual gratification’. However he was rushed to hospital when it floated up to his bladder and got stuck there.

His family went with him to the clinic in Fuzhou city, capital city of Fujian province, eastern China, after finding out what happened.

Doctors spent time examining him to see whether they would operate, and in the end chose to do so. They reportedly cut a small hole in his bladder to get the padlock out, though not before taking an X-Ray which showed what had happened.

As of now, we aren’t sure what damage has been done to him, though I can’t imagine his penis will be in good condition after he stuck a padlock up it.

A Step Way Too Far

In all seriousness, sometimes many people are into pain, but my word, I will never understand why sticking a padlock up his penis seemed like a good idea. Where would the pleasure come from in that? That seems all pain and no fun.

So folks, you friends here at XEscorts say ‘don’t try this at home, or anywhere’. You get that advice for free.

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