Man Threatens Neighbour For Filming Public Sex!

September 14, 2015

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If someone has filmed you having sex without your consent, you might be pretty annoyed about it. After all, what is going on with you and your partner is private and isn’t for anyone else. Plus, it’s pretty damn creepy.

However, when you are having sex in the middle of the street for all of your neighbours to see, it is a hell of a lot harder to keep your private life just that. Public sex is, to state the obvious, pretty public, so it is hard to act as though no-one can see yet.

One man reacted in a big way when he found out that he had actually been filmed having sex in public, right in the middle of the street, and that one of his neighbour had recognised him from the video and commented on it. Angry, he then threatened him with a knife. This can only end one way…

The risks of having public sex

We all the risks of having sex with someone in public. For a start, it is public. The clue is in the name. Anyone can stumble across you, which is something that you definitely do not want when you are in the middle of a hot and steamy sex session.

That is why so many people will choose to have sex in more private places outside, such as their own backyard or in their car. They feel a little more protected from the outside world, while still getting to enjoy that thrill of public sex. It’s a win/win situation for many.

Yes, the risk of getting caught is one of the biggest turn ons for having sex in public in the first place, because risky and “dangerous” sex sends a thrill through our bodies. Hearing footsteps nearby and trying to stay quiet while you fuck passionately is one of the hottest things that you can do, but if you are going to have sex in public then you need to accept that getting caught is a very real possibility.

If you can’t accept that getting caught might actually happen to you, it can end badly. When the police arrive, you might end up causing a lot more difficulty for yourself instead of just holding your hands up and going “you know what, I did it. I’m sorry”… which is perhaps what Carl Vause should have done. If he had, we might not be writing this article now.

Some hot public sex

We tend not to think too logically when sex is on the table. How many of us have been in the middle of a hot and steamy sex session when our partner has suggested trying something new, like a sex position or even a new fetish, and we’ve just gone along with it because hey, it’s sex? Later on we might regret the decision when we have aches and pains from trying it out, but that doesn’t mean we will think clearly in the future because sex clouds our judgement.

That was the case for Carl Vause, a 33 men who decided that, when he wanted to have sex with the young and sex woman he was dating, the middle of the street was the perfect place to do it.

That might not have been so bad if they were going at it late at night, when they probably wouldn’t have been discovered by anyone other than drunken people stumbling back from the pub, but of course they didn’t. They decided that the best time to get it on was in broad daylight. Well done, guys.

Their session was only interrupted when a woman passing them by told them how disgusted she was by their behaviour and that there were children nearby that they should be thinking of… but it seems that this woman wasn’t the only one who saw just what they were up to.

Caught on camera

Another passer-by during their session noticed what the couple were doing, but they had a very different idea on how to deal with it. Instead of telling the couple to stop because what they were doing wasn’t exactly safe for the public eye, this man instead pulled out his phone and started filming it so that he could put it onto social media later for others to have a laugh at.

That in itself wouldn’t be too bad, because there are so many social media sites and so much on them that the likelihood of it ever coming back to you is pretty low. However this time that wasn’t the case. One of Vause’s neighbours saw the footage and recognised the man, posting a comment saying just that. Oh dear.

Vause then saw the comment. You’d think that he’d be more angry at the guy who filmed them at it in the first place, but that would be too much like logic. Instead, he felt furious at the neighbour who pretty much outed him on social media, especially as he was married and the footage proved he was having an affair.

The enraged man went to the home of the neighbour, brandishing a knife and demanding to know where the man was. The partner of the man saw all of this and called the police, which then alerted them to the video.

Police, camera, action!

This whole thing seems to have escalated quickly. It started off as a perfectly normal public sex session and has then become a viral sensation with threats thrown in. Is that taking thing too far? We definitely think so!

Vause didn’t make things easier, as when he was arrested he told the police “you better keep an eye on me. I am going to get every one of those Facebook people.” Do you need a bigger shovel, Vause, or are you okay digging the hole in the ground on your own?

Following the police getting involved after his drunken and drug-induced attack on his neighbour, he has been ordered to pay court costs and has been placed under curfew for the next three weeks as a result of his threatening behaviour. This is definitely not the way he will have wanted his passionate public sex to end!

It just goes to show that, even when you are losing yourself in the moment with public sex, you should be aware of your surroundings. We live in a world where the initial reaction to big things happening in public is to pull out your phone and film it, instead of helping those involved out. So tell us, did Vause get what he deserved, or is the punishment too harsh for what he did?

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