Do You Measure Up?

February 5, 2015

There is no denying it – we are all obsessed with cock. The length, the girth, the cleanliness… we can’t stop talking about it. Pretty much everywhere you’ll find men asking if size matters, and women talking about the perfect length.

The most common answer you hear is that “size doesn’t matter”. This is usually for a variety of reasons, like “I’d rather have a genuine guy”, “he could be skilled in other areas” or “it can still feel intense”.

Yet we are still obsessed with the size, so do you measure up?

The average size

For a long time we have been told that the average size of the male penis is around 6 and a half inches. Various studies have been done to tell us this… but are those studies right?

The problem is a lot of them are “self-measure” surveys. Yes, you’ve guessed it. The interviewers ask the men to measure their own dick and they simply write down the results. Which, of course, means some will have exaggerated just a little bit to make themselves sound better. Just like when you alter the number of people you’ve slept with to make yourself sound better.

That means the information could be wrong, but that isn’t a problem according to Dr. Christian Jessen. “What most men fail to realise is that a vagina’s depth is only 3 or 4 inches.”

If you’ve been thinking you need a really big dick to fill you up, it seems that isn’t the case. As Dr. Jessen says, “a five inch penis is more than adequate to do the job – I’d say the perfect penis was shorter but fatter.”

Does this mean all we’ve thought about sex and cock size is a lie?
Sexy couple in bed

Work with what you’ve got

That said, some women say that they prefer a big dick. Others prefer a fat one. Then there are those who genuinely don’t care as long as you can do your job and get her to cum. How do you make sure your skills are good enough if you are afraid your manhood is not?

Position and technique are everything when it comes to sex, and that doesn’t change from small thick cock to large thin dick. It simply works in different ways, and so you need to determine how to use what you’ve got to make her scream.

If you are well endowed, put the woman in control and take it slow. They can alter how deep you go to ensure they don’t cause an injury to either of you, and with the woman on top you can fondle her tits and really get her going.

As for those who feel they are lacking, doggy style or sex against a wall are great ways to make her feel as though she’s being filled. Plus, you get a great view of her sexy ass as you pound away.

What is your favourite thing to do to make her scream? Let us know by writing your tips in the comment box below.

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