Mistakes Were Made: Stories Of Sex Gone Wrong!

August 10, 2017

Mistakes Were Made Stories Of Sex Gone Wrong!

It is perfectly acceptable to make mistakes in life. How else are you going to learn? However, when it comes to sex, making mistakes can lead to a hell of a lot of embarrassment… as well as a few injuries. When sex goes wrong, it can really take a turn for the worse.

Curious to know how? Maybe you just want to read some bizarre sex stories? Perhaps you just want to learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t end up in trouble yourself? We have a look at some of the stories of sex gone wrong.

Sex with a coconut

Unless you have been avoiding the internet for the last few days, you’ll have heard the story of a man who confessed on Reddit to fucking a coconut. You can read the full story there, but to cut a long story short, he fucked and came in a coconut multiple times over the course of a week, only to find on the final attempt that the inside of the coconut had begun to rot and maggots were wriggling inside of it.

Reddit then blew up with similar stories and people inspired to try it for themselves. They were sure that they could fuck a coconut and get it right, and while many of the stories you will find on the TIFU subReddit are tales of coconut woe, some actually start out well.

One user wanted to try it for himself. He stated that he “had no bad experience with the coconut”, but did not seem overly eager to try it again. He did, however, have a date later that day with a girl who decided later on to give him a blowjob.

Sounds great, right? Wrong. After sucking on his cock for a few seconds she asks him why he tastes like coconut because she is “really allergic to coconut”. Needless to say the man felt compelled to share his discovery on Reddit with her… and hasn’t had a second date since. So next time you decide to kink things up, make sure you check your partner isn’t actually allergic to anything first!

Maybe keep coconuts just for eating and not sticking your cock into

Original source: GfyCat

Sex and insomnia

Anyone with insomnia will know how incredibly stressful it can be. You just want to get a good night’s sleep but your body decides that you should instead lie awake for hours just thinking about all of the sleep that you could be having if you switched off.

Over on Reddit, one user was happy that they seemed to have found a solution… albeit one that could cause some strange hallucinations if you didn’t attempt to sleep shortly after taking it.

After taking the pill, her partner woke and initiated sex. They were having a great time until the hallucinations started. In the middle of sex she tells Reddit that she was convinced that they were “having sex on stage at the Democratic National Convention while Hillary Clinton was delivery a speech”.

For obvious reasons, they didn’t have sex. However, the next morning when the user heard about what had happened (having forgotten thanks to the drunk) she was pleased to find that this unusual situation was not a dealbreaker for this guy. So it seems that there is a silver lining to this story!

However, if you are going to meet up with that special someone for an incredible time, think about how your prescription could change things and warn them before hand.

Insomnia and prescriptions for it can have a strange effect on your body

Original source: Tenor

Getting a little too rough

Rough sex isn’t for everyone. Some people like to fuck hard and fast while others prefer to keep things slow and sensual. They feel as though they have more control that way, since there is every chance that rough sex could lead to injuries.

One man found that out the hard way. In his post he explains that he and his girlfriend were having sex. They were in the missionary position and he begins to pull out so that he can finish.

As he does, his girlfriend leans in for a kiss. You’d think that this would be a nice intimate moment, but no. All does not go according to plan. It seems that the man’s hand slipped, resulting in his head falling forward. As it did, it collided with his girlfriend’s nose.

Their little love making session ended not with the big finish they were expecting, but instead with a broken nose and “so much blood everywhere”. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about slipping in the bedroom, so simply proceed with caution.

Take care during sex and talk to your partner if you need to change positions to avoid injuries

Original source: Giphy

Sex gone wrong!

It would be fantastic if sex always went according to plan, but as we have seen from the stories about it does not. Sex gone wrong can really ruin the mood, especially if you can’t talk to your partner about it afterwards.

With good communication you can avoid things such as allergic reactions, hallucinations, and sex gone wrong. Seriously, communicating with your partner can help a hell of a lot. Struggle with a sex position? Tell them so that you can switch things up. It’s that simple.

Do you have your own incredible sex gone wrong stories you want to share? Maybe you’d rather read about when sex goes right? You can read some erotic stories right here on the XEscorts blog, or share tales of sex gone wrong in the comment box below.

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