Pornstar Monique Alexander Call For Parents To Do Sex Eduction For Kids…Or Porn Will (Video)

June 8, 2017

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In a rather fascinating video, porn star and sex education advocate Monique Alexander has warned parents that they need to teach their kids sex, or porn stars like her will.

Alexander warns that in the age of the internet and smart phones, kids have access to things that they never would have done in bygone eras.

Nearly 90 percent of children have seen hardcore porn by age 11,” Alexander states bluntly, citing a Novus Project report.

Now it has to be said, this claim clashes with research by the University of New Hampshire, which says that exposure to hardcore pornography before the age of 13 is rare. However, wherever you stand on that debate, it is obvious that kids need to be taught about sex in those years so they get a rounded view of it.

Alexander warns of children learning about sex through porn, as this could cause the lines between fantasy and reality to become blurred. This can cause them to gain unhealthy attitudes towards sex.

Speaking on behalf of the adult entertainment industry, Alexander says, “We don’t want to be your child’s role model.”

She concludes with a call to action: teach your kids about safe and healthy sex or porn stars will be your children’s “only lesson.”

A 2016 study conducted by the National Campaign  discovered kids between 12-15 were still mainly taught about sex from their parents, with 52 percent of respondents citing mum and dad as their main source of their sex education.

An Amazing Idea

To be fair, I think this video is brilliant. The sex industry gets a real kicking sometimes. We are seen as the scum of the earth, poisoning the minds of the young. This is why we need positive voices in the industry to stand up like Monique has done.

There is a huge difference between porn and real sex. Lets face it, if you start coming onto your stepmom, you don’t get laid, you get written out of the will. If you are a plumber and see a sexy housewife on her own, if you come onto her, you won’t have a hot passionate encounter, you will get fired, and maybe charged by the police depending on how annoyed she is. If your girlfriend comes in and you are shagging her mate, she won’t join in, she will likely punch you.

There is a more serious side though. Consent is a funny area in porn. A lot of the time the guy starts, and the girl needs a bit of convincing, but she eventually relents and they have sex. In the real world that is a fast track to a rape charge. Consent really does need to be made clear during sex education.

Therefore, we give a big thumbs up to Monique Alexander. Keep up the great work!

Oh, and as a special treat, here is a video of her in action, She is hot!

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