Naked Woman Trashes Florida McDonald’s!

April 9, 2014

I have seen many things in McDonald’s in my time, usually at the end of a long night drinking. I have seen fights, people being sick on the table, and many other things that make me glad I don’t venture there too often these days. But a woman running topless through the establishment, trashing it in the process? Nope, I have never seen that!

This is what occurred in Florida, when a ‘lady’ legged it through the restaurant in St Petersburg, smashing the place up, with astonished staff powerless to act.

Her rampage includes throwing trays everywhere, pushing tills on the floor, stealing food, throwing food and tipping over a huge fridge.

The video is narrated by two staff who seem to be watching it on CCTV, and are obviously finding it hilarious!

Unsurprisingly the video has gone viral.

The reasons for the episode, and what happened after the incident remain unclear, but one suspects drink or drugs may possibly be involved. That is a wild guess of course.

Though it may not be the kind of class you would expect from a Liverpool escort, this Florida woman has certainly put a smile on the faces of us here at XEscorts.

To paraphrase the famous McDonald’s catchphrase ; we’re lovin it!


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