Do These Naked Women Cyclists Look Naked?

September 22, 2014

In the modern era, designing sportswear has become a multi-million pound business. Intelligent and artistic people got to college for years to put themselves on the top of the industry. This is why I was so surprised to see the Columbian women’s cycling team and their gear made them look naked!

The outfit caused massive controversy as the skin coloured fabric that covered their mid-rift and their groin become something of a pervert’s wet dream, with some people even thinking that it gave you a great view of their vagina’s.

But Angie Tatiana Rojas said the strip around their midriff was coloured gold.

“It’s sad it takes something like this for cycling, and women’s cycling in particular, to get this much press,” said the 22-year-old rider.

An Optical Illusion

To be fair she has a point. In certain angles it does look gold, yet on others it looks skin coloured. It must be something to do with the light, but you would have thought that would have been tested in the design process?

For the record, the team have been wearing this particular design for a number of months, and this is the first time it has become worldwide news.

But at a team news conference on Thursday, Rojas said: “I’ve already said that I designed the uniform and, as an athlete, as a woman, as the cyclist that I am, I wouldn’t be ashamed with this kind of design.

“They’re the sponsors’ colours; there’s nothing scandalous in that. We wear our uniform with pride and we are not considering changing it.

“In this team there are mothers with families, people who sacrifice a lot for the sport, who love cycling and have clear objectives rather than in being the centre of such scandals.”

“It’s the primary colour used by Solgar, a company that makes vitamins, and is also similar to the one used by San Mateo University, another one of our sponsors,” Rojas told the Cycling Inquisition blog.

“In fact, it was going to be the kit’s primary colour, throughout the upper portion.

“But within the peloton, that colour would not be visible enough, so we opted to switch it to the shorts, and instead used red and yellow on the upper part, for the sake of visibility. The red and yellow are the colours of the flag of Bogota [the capital of Colombia].”

Well it’s a good job they did. If the costumes as they are caused controversy, the original design would have given people heart attacks!

A Blow For Equality

Here at XEscorts, we love nothing more than sex ladies in revealing gear. Look at the number of London escorts who do costume services…it says a lot.

However, as supporters of equality, we are disappointed this has happened. Women at the top level of sport deserve as much respect as their male counterparts. For these Columbian cyclists to only be known to the general public because of a faulty sportswear design is a travesty.

No amount of perving at sexy young latina ladies will change that.

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