Nice Guys Actually Have More Sex!

August 22, 2016

A sexy couple in bed, proving that nice guys get more sex

People always say that nice guys finish last. In many areas of life, this is seen as a negative thing… but in the bedroom, it is another matter. Finishing last means that you have the chance to get your partner off and leave them feeling satisfied before you get to enjoy your own orgasm. It is a great thing! And it seems that nice guys actually get to enjoy more sex!

More sex is never a bad thing, but it seems that if you are a nice guy, you are likely to be enjoying more sex than your peers. While things like sex schedules, sexy lingerie, and trying kinky things can help you get more sex and put the spark back in your life, the latest sex study suggests that actually, you should just be a nicer person. How does it work? We take a look on the XEscorts blog.

The study into altruism and sex

The paper, containing the study and all of the results, was first published last month in the British Journal of Psychology. Titled Altruism predicts mating success in humans, the study aimed to look and see if there was actually a link between how nice people are and how their sex lives were.

Professor Steven Arnocky, a psychologist at Nipissing University, and Professor Pat Barclay, of the University of Guelph, worked on the study together. When speaking about the study, Professor Barclay stated that “this study is the first to show that altruism may translate into real mating success in Western populations, that altruists have more mates than non-altruists.

This means that if you are nicer, you are going to be more successful when it comes to picking up partners in bed, and also that you are more likely to have a higher number of sex partners. Basically, you are going to get more sex than your peers!

Who did they speak to?

The study decided to look at a number of different people, talking to them about their relationships as well as their altruism. They wanted to know how likely they were to help others, as well as how often they had sex.

Roughly 800 people were interviewed, and they asked them about a huge number of topics. Things from charitable giving, blood donation, and even helping others with small things, such as crossing the street, came up.

The professors believed that being altruistic might have a big impact on your sex life. They believed it might have something to do with our ancestry, as hunters more likely to share their meat were actually more likely to have someone there to enjoy their meat. Pun intended.

It also followed on from a previous piece of research conducted by Professor Barclay, which found that we are more attracted to people who show aspects of altruism.

The results for nice guys

Once the professors had adjusted the results to account for age and personality, they found that nice guys actually don’t finish last, as they are the ones more likely to be successive in the bedroom!

The results proved to be true for both men and women, in that being a nice guy actually serves you well. However, nice men might have more luck than nice women, as Professor Barclay explains: “it’s a more effective signal for men than for women”.

So the next time someone tries to say to you “nice guys finish last”, you know the truth. Not only will they finish last, but they will also get much more attention in the bedroom for it!

Rewards for being nice

If someone refers to you as a nice guy, they usually mean it in a belittling way. They often want to put you down and make you think that nice guys really do finish last. The key is that it costs you nothing to be nice, and as the study above has shown, being nice might actually work out in your favour!

As the famous internet saying goes: being a gentlemen doesn’t make you a pussy; it gets your pussy. So instead of thinking that being a good guy will make you come across badly, remember this study. It might actually be one of the sexiest things that you can do!

Do you believe that nice guys finish last or is it just a saying to make people feel bad? We want to hear from you. You can let us know what you think about this study by leaving a comment in the box below. Why not join in the discussion and tell us what you think?

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