The ‘No Sex Crimes’ Contract For Swedish Festivals

December 5, 2016

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Anyone who has been keeping up to date with the news in Sweden will have heard about the rise in sex crime at music festivals this year. Without delving into the reasons why this is the case, it is safe to say that there have been a number of plans that have been put in place to make it stop. These including anti-grabbing bracelets and ‘girls only zones’. Sadly, it seems these have all failed. Now they have another idea, that being ‘value contracts’.

To visit next year’s edition of the popular Bråvalla Festival in the city of Norrköping, one will have to sign a document accepting the festival’s set of values. This will include festival goers, artists, and event personnel.

Sex Crime Prevention

This is part of the preventive work against rape and sex crimes. By their own admission, the festivals’ organizers FKP Scorpio were previously not specifically clear about their core values. Although ‘don’t rape people’ is a bit of a given, I say.

Additionally, the festival organizers personnel plan to meet school-kids aged 16-18 to talk about sex, what consent means, and the importance of it. This is being done as a more preventive measure. We know that young people can’t handle their drink (even though they think they can, we have all been there) If you can educate, it may well help those who grope and do worse out of ignorance, rather than malice.

Now do you think these kind of projects will help? Some will say that they are a great idea, whilst others will say that it is up to the individual how they act, and that signing ‘I won’t be a dirty rapist’ contracts are the most stupid thing they have ever heard of. And I do see the point, who is really going to say “sorry, I can’t sign that, I just love groping women too much!”

Immigrants Targeted

But let us get straight to the facts here. This is being aimed mostly at the immigrant community. They can’t say that, but it is a fact. It is a sad state of affairs that we have to tell some people that things like this aren’t welcome in Sweden, or any other western country for that matter. I have not seen the figures that say immigrants are the reason for the upsurge in sexual crimes, but that seems to be the consensus. As I am not a Swedish resident, I will refrain from making any political comments about a situation I am clueless about.

All I will say is that I hope these sex crimes stop. No woman (or man for that matter) deserves to go to a festival and be assaulted. Hopefully together, as one world, we can fight back against this evil.

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Immigration is the biggest blame, I know many cases of rape because of these people. I know it is not only them, but they are doing more crime than our own people. They are all dick heads, I don't care who you are, you rape, you should be beaten.

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