What Is “Normal” Sex?

September 29, 2014

I enjoy BDSM. I’m submissive, and find nothing more enjoyable than pleasing my mistress and following her every command. Making her happy is one of the most important things to me, but someone else may see it as weird. So what is normal sex?

What is ‘normal’?

This is a question I have asked a lot of different people and had some very different answers. Some say that it is “just sex”, while others say it is “sex without the weird stuff” or “sex where I’m in charge”. These are all very different ideas, because what is normal to one person might be weird.

Take me, for example. I will regularly call up my mistress just to worship at her sexy feet. That might not be what you enjoy, but for me that is normal. What I wouldn’t find normal is going and getting a massage from a beautiful woman. Why would you not want to look at their face and tell them how amazing they are? To me, that’s weird.

Your version of normal

People with kinks might not see their fetishes as abnormal, especially not if many people share their love of interesting things. Comic books used to be a niche item, but now everyone seems to share a love of comic books or the movies that are produced as a result of them. Even watching porn was once seen as weird and unusual.

What is “normal” changes for each person. So can such a thing as normal sex even exist?

Does normal sex even exist?

Honestly, I don’t think it does. Very little is seen as completely normal now. Visiting escorts may not been seen as normal, but for many of you here on XEscorts it is. It is something that you enjoy very much and is part of your life. For us here, it is normal.

Having said that, my love of foot worship and kissing my mistress’ beautiful sexy feet isn’t for everyone. It is, however, my version of normal. So what would you count as normal sex?

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