One In Five Would Turn Down Gay Marriage Invite!

March 28, 2014

Here at XEscorts, we have been huge supporters of gay marriage. Our mantra is, if you are not hurting anyone else, what is the problem? We have always believed that public opinion is on our side. A recent survey however, shows that though this is the case, a large percentage of people are still ‘iffy’ about gay marriage.

The survey says that 20% of British adults would turn down invitation to a gay marriage. It also says that men are twice as likely to turn down the offer compared to women.

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Ahead of the first gay marriages in England and Wales tomorrow, the poll of 1,007 people found 68% agreed gay marriage should be permitted, with 26% opposing it.

‘Deeply Uncomfortable’

Catholic Voices, which represents the Catholic Church, said the findings of the survey showed that people remained “deeply uncomfortable” with the whole subject.

Father Edmund Montgomery, a member of the organisation and a Catholic priest in Greater Manchester, said: “As the Church, we love those seeking a same-sex union, but our love for them requires we tell them the true meaning of marriage, something which that fifth of respondents find difficult but have the integrity to do by turning down the invitation.”

Some Positives

However, gay charity, ‘Stonewall’ say we should be taking the positives out of the survey. If you are looking at the glass ‘half full’, it actually shows that four out of five people would accept the invitation. When looking at it this way, that is a good thing, surely?

The research also found that younger people were more likely to support same-sex marriage, with 80% of 18 to 34-year-olds backing it, compared with 44% of over-65s. This obviously reflects a changing view as society develops.

What I did find interesting was that 59% of people asked agreed a person should not be considered homophobic for opposing gay marriage. This flies in the face of those who say that anyone who doesn’t support the legislation will be labelled a bigot. We do seem to be a tolerant society in many ways. Stonewall seem to agree with this view.

“Same-sex couples are living in committed, loving relationships and people have realised that the sky has not fallen in,”

Real Tolerance

One of the big worries when this came about was that gay rights groups were going to start demanding that the church be forced to conduct gay marriages against their will. A lot of people felt very uneasy about this.

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I have always said that tolerance is a two way street. You can’t force people, or organisations to accept legislation they are opposed to. The current legislation allows gay marriage, but isn’t concerned with putting people’s noses out of joint. Everyone seems to get what they want. People may disagree the church should be allowed to refuse to do gay marriages. They are entitled to that opinion.

So, in the end, what does the survey really say? To me, it says that we don’t live in some utopian society just yet. But things are getting better; all these things take time.

To those who are getting married tomorrow, good luck. We hope you all have a long life together!

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