Oral Sex Techniques You’ll Want To Try!

October 10, 2017

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Oral isn’t rocket science. With a little patience and determination, you’ll find that you can put your tongue to work and get your partner screaming your name. However, it also helps to have the right oral sex techniques to guide you.

You could spend hours in the bedroom trying to figure out the perfect technique, or you can get a head start by reading our guide to the oral sex techniques you’ll want to try for yourself. If they don’t work for you, at least you have a good base to start off with!

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If you want to inject a little kinky thrill into the bedroom, this is the perfect technique to try. When you start going down on them, slide one hand towards their mouth. Tell them that you want to make it good for them, but you need their help.

Ask them to suck and lick your fingers in the way that they want you to lick and suck at them. It might feel a little strange at first, but in no time at all you’ll get into the swing of things. It’ll be incredibly erotic as they are basically guiding you on the right way to make them come!

Get your partner to demonstrate on your fingers what they want you to do!

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Keep it simple

Believe it or not, oral sex techniques don’t have to be complicated. In fact some of the best oral sex comes from using the simpler techniques and just really paying attention to what it is that your partner likes.

For example, you might currently be using the alphabet technique. This is where you use your tongue to spell out each letter of the alphabet on her clit. But this isn’t going to work. We women need constant stimulation, and changing things so much is doing you no favours.

Instead, stick with simple. Making small circles around her clit is going to get you further than showing her you know your ABCs.

Keeping it simple at first can help you to learn the stimulation she likes the most

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Remember the rest of her body

Okay, so this one is pretty easy to forget. You’ve got your head buried between her legs and you are concentrating on licking as much of that beautiful cunt as you can. You want to learn everything about it so that you can leave her feeling amazing, and this requires a little study.

The problem is that we can become too focused. We’ll forget that there is so much to her body that her clit, and if you really want to hit all of the right buttons, you’ll need to try and remember this.

As you go down on her, reach a hand up her body and slowly stroke at her tits. Pinch her nipples between your thumb and forefinger. Stroke down her stomach. It’ll show that you are really paying attention to all of her and might just tip her over the edge.

Make oral about more than just her pussy

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If these oral sex techniques fail…

Not all oral sex techniques are going to work for everyone. Some people might not like small circles around their clit. They might prefer long, broad strokes with the tongue to touch more of their pussy.

The trick is experimenting. Try one of the oral sex techniques listed above and see how you do. Not working? Try something else. We’ve give you a few things to try as a basis, so see where you go from there.

Still stuck? Ask your partner. Don’t be afraid to ask them for what they want. They’ll probably appreciate the fact that you want their input, as it’ll show that you genuinely want to please them. So what are you waiting for?

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