Paedophile Hunter Busted for Blackmail and Assault!

April 21, 2015

Here at XEscorts, we are very much against any form of sexual exploitation Whether that is someone being trafficked across Europe against their will to work in the sex industry, or youngsters being groomed by cynical adults, we want to see the the most fierce sentences imaginable laid down for offenders.

To be fair, our views are reflected by the rest of society. No-one likes a sex offender. This is why these ‘Paedophile Hunter’ characters have become so popular. This is where vigilante’s pose as young kids online, arrange to meet suspected offenders, and then shock them by filming them, putting the footage online, and then reporting them to the police.

Now I will say here that there is a great debate over whether this is a proper way to go about exposing offenders. The police say that it gets in the way of proper investigations, whilst many others think that putting someone who hasn’t yet been convicted of any offence on the internet and getting them convicted in the court of public opinion, is pretty morally bankrupt. However, the consensus has always been that these vigilante’s have always had their hearts in the right place. This is why the following story is so very sad.

A Sad Tale

‘Stinson Hunter’, a Paedophile Hunter who appeared on Channel Four in a documentary exploring his work, has been arrested on suspicion of assault and blackmail.

This is after two guys, one aged 25 and one aged 19, in separate incidents, arranged to meet a youngster. They have both been charged with grooming.

Police say the first incident occurred last Friday when the 19 year old arranged to meet what he considered a 14 year old girl in a church car park. He was then attacked by a group of men who accused him of being a paedophile.

He escaped, but later got threats that the video would be put online, and demanding cash.

Later, a 25 year old man was filmed in Wigan, and was punched in the face by a member of the group, knocking out two of his teeth. The video was then posted online.

Man with hands behind back in handcuffs

A Big Problem

Well, I am certainly not going to start presuming guilt in the case of Mr Hunter. But, if the case is as it reads ( I said if), it appears that the vigilante is trying to get cash out of his prey, and if they don’t cough up, he ruins them by posting the videos.

For me, that is pretty disgusting. There is no moral crusade there; he is a criminal who is just preying on people who (in most cases by their own actions) are in a very vulnerable position. He is merely getting cash out of a group who would rather pay up than be exposed. And this is all done behind the cloak of ‘we are doing this to protect the kids’. It is reprehensible.

As for his thug mates punching out a guy they meet, one suspects they would be committing random acts of violence in the pub on a Friday night. The only difference is that they fo it to a guy who is on legally thin ice, and who society think it is OK to give a slap to.

Of course, I re-iterate that these are allegations. The police, CPS and the court system will decide if this narrative is correct.

If however, these allegations are proven to be correct, Stinson Hunter drops to the integrity level pf a paedophile himself in my opinion. The groomers use children to enjoy their sick desires. Hunter uses children’s suffering to get some cash out of people who are shitting themselves.

Just because someone is attacking people we don’t like, doesn’t make them some shining example of moral virtue. This is the problem with vigilante groups. They attract people who just want to commit violent and immoral acts. It just gives them a ‘justification’ for their actions.

XEscorts will keep you up to date with how the case goes. I really hope that the police have got this one wrong.

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