The Painful Reason You Must Make Your Escort Aroused

February 20, 2018

Woman Suffering From Stomach Ache

Here at XEscorts we bring you plenty of great sex tips so you and your chosen escort can have a great time, with orgasms aplenty. Also we like to make sure that the escorts get all the information they need to make their clients happy, and in so doing get a successful business. However, after reading an article in the Daily Mirror, it has struck home to me how important it is the escort is aroused before sex.

Lets face it, escorts are professionals. Very few of them want to have sex all day every day. They may wake up tired and more interested in watching the Curling at the Olympics. Still, like the rest of us she has to go to work. I write, she has sex. Sometimes I can’t be arsed so do just enough to not get myself fired. However the escort has to get aroused to have sex. It is a totally different world.

Still, it seems that it is extra vital that the escort is aroused as she risks the chance of getting a ‘bruised cervix’. And yes, that is as painful as it sounds.

Unpleasant Symptoms

Symptoms include cramps, abnormal bleeding, pain during intercourse and pain in the lower abdomen.

When the woman is aroused, a woman’s cervix will get larger, softer and about two to three inches higher. When this doesn’t happen, then the cervix stays lower and harder which can cause bruising.

What this means is that the man needs to spend more time making her aroused or it could be a very painful experience that actually lasts for about 24 hours.

Tips To Avoid It

But what to do if it is a 30 minute meeting which doesn’t really allow for extensive foreplay? Well the best thing to do is to use positions that allow for shallower penetration. These can include standing missionary, or spooning.

If you do get cervical bruising, then taking ibuprofen should alleviate the pain.

I hope this was useful for both clients and escorts. Sex work can be fun, but sex is a serious physical action, so the escorts need to take care of themselves, and be taken care of.

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