Paramedic Bitten In Balls By Family Dog!

July 12, 2014

A U.S paramedic ended up at the centre of a medical emergency of his own after he was bitten in the balls by a family dog whilst he was trying to save the life of a child from that address.

The incident occurred last year and featured on British TV programme Outrageous Emergencies.

A Vicious Attack

Marc Cohen, who has worked as an EMT for 27 years, was attacked by the dog as he was handed the toddler to take into the ambulance.

Obviously the dog (named Pork Chop) thought that Mr Cohen was trying to steal the child and reacted instinctively. He proceeded to bite the poor guy in his balls and held on tight.

Well they do say no good deed goes unpunished.

Doctor Jacques Williams Pascal, who also appeared on the show, said that: ‘If you take a large blunt force trauma to the groin, the testicles can become very swollen – almost beyond recognition.’

‘It’s very startling when a patient sees that their testicles are the size of two basketballs’.

Everyone’s a Winner

Thankfully the story had a happy ending. The boy was given a shot of Epinethrine and recovered form what was a suspected asthma attack. Also, Marc Cohen kept his balls. It also seems that everyone has forgiven ‘Pork Chop’, and he hasn’t paid the ultimate price for his overprotective nature.

So all in all, we have a happy ending to an albeit, very painful story.

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