Poll Reveals The Least Romantic UK Areas!

February 13, 2018

Poll Reveals The Least Romantic UK Areas!

If you feel under pressure to be the most romantic person you can be on Valentine’s Day don’t worry because you are not alone. To some people, the 14th February seems to be the only day of the year when you can be romantic. Sales of chocolates and flowers go through the roof, and the chances are that you’ll see plenty of people in the shops later tonight stocking up on the essentials.

It seems that where you are in the UK might have something to do with how romantic you are. Some places just aren’t great for the romantic vibe. In fact, a recent poll has revealed the UK’s least romantic hotspots, showing exactly which areas suck at romance.

So which places are the least romantic? What does that even mean? What can you do to up the romance if you are in these areas?

The poll

The poll was conducted by Photobox, which is “Europe’s leading online digital photo service with more than 31 million members”, according to their website. Services such as these prove to be very popular for personalised gifts, especially in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, Photobox decided that they wanted to know which areas are the least romantic so that they could step in and help people up the levels of romance in their relationship.

The poll involved asking 1,500 women, all in long-term relationships, about how romantic their partners are. From there, Photobox managed to narrow down the results to find out which areas of the UK are terrible at romance, so that they could provide them with a little loving support through a Valentine’s Rescue service.

Valentine's Day can suck sometimes

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The UK’s least romantic places

Eager to know if you are living in one of the UK’s least romantic places? The results were pretty surprising, showing that the Essex town of Chelmsford, which is the birth of radio, is definitely the death of romance. 79% of women living there in long-term relationships stated that their partners just weren’t up to the task of being romantic.

Leeds came second (70%), followed closely by Brighton (69%), Manchester (68%), and Nottingham (67%). For those in Scotland, Glasgow proved to be the least romantic place to be with 62% of those surveyed just not feeling the love. Living in the capital of England didn’t help either, as 62% said that their life in London was not romantic at all.

Newcastle and Plymouth both had the same reactions with 61% of the responses, and Bristol had just 49%, showing that there just might be hope for the people living there. So what does it actually mean if you live in one of these places, and what can you do about it?

It seems that some areas of the UK don't get romance

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Is romance dead?

So what exactly makes these areas the ones where romance goes to die? According to Photobox, those surveyed would state that their partner was either not romantic in the slightest or would describe their other half as “useless”. Pretty strong words, we think!

They also looked at a number of other factors, such as how much faith these surveyed women were putting in their partner to get something good. It seems that seven in ten weren’t confident that their partner could get a good gift, stating that they’d probably end up getting a last minute gift.

Almost two thirds of the women said that they had never gotten anything like a love letter from their partner, with 40% saying that breakfast in bed had never been brought for them. Another 20% said that they were dreading the big romantic day because their friends’ husbands always seem to be so much more romantic.

This might seem like a funny gift but many people won't appreciate it

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Bringing romance back

It seems that the point to this poll was so that Photobox could see which area struggled with romance so that they could sweep in and help. They have launched their #ValentinesRescue service, where any customers within five miles of Chelmsford can get same-day delivery. This means that they can still get that gift sorted in time for a romantic dinner with their partner!

But what can you do if you want to do something a little more romantic? There are a few different possibilities. Why not fulfil a fantasy of theirs? Most of us have a fantasy we’d love to try out, and if you have already discussed one with your partner you can surprise them with it. Tell them that you’d like to explore a fantasy with them and they will love the chance to try it with you!

Struggling to get everything together for a fantasy? A sensual massage might be the perfect alternative. You get the chance to slowly tease and turn your partner on, and you will make them the centre of your attention. Starting with a hot bath, candles, and music can put them in the perfect mood for it, and it’ll really feel special.

You'd be amazed what a hot bath and a sensual massage can do!

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How will you celebrate?

Valentine’s Day is one of those days where you either love it or you find that you hate it. If you aren’t a fan, then seeing flowers and chocolates everywhere is going to drive you up the wall. It’s even worse if you do enjoy it but struggle to find the perfect gift for your other half.

Thankfully there are plenty of things you can do without blowing your budget. Treating them like they are the centre of your world can help a lot! If you have a few suggestions of your own, you could also leave a comment in the box below. Tell us your plans for the big day!

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