Pornhub Mocks Kanye West in ‘Kim Sex Video’ Tweet!

April 28, 2015

There can be fewer bigger douchebags in the world than Kanye West. The guy walks around like he owns the world. Yes, he has loads of money and his wife, Kim Kardashian is absolutely stunning, but my God, there is no need to be such a prick about it.

Well, it seems that Pornhub have taken a bit of a stab at the short arse little cretin. They have released a tweet which references the lovely Kim getting fucked by singer-songwriter Ray J live on camera.

The rather famous home video surfaced about three years ago, and sees Kim sucking off Ray J, receiving oral, and getting it doggystyle.

It certainly did make Kim Kardashian famous. Let’s face it, she wasn’t famous for doing anything else. She is just a talentless bint from a rich family. However, I expect Kanye may be getting quite pissed off with people making references to his wife getting it off another guy.


Well, anything that gets on Mr West’s tits is absolutely fine by me. And really, we shouldn’t be too surprised that it was Pornhub who decided to make the attack. I love that site on so many levels.

I am now off to watch the aforementioned video. It really is a tough life!

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