Pre-Sex Rituals: What Happens Before Sex?

October 21, 2018

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When we know we are going to have sex there are certain things we’ll do in preparation. I like to take a long bath, totally relax myself, and groom myself to perfection. I’ll take my choosing the perfect lingerie. I’ll choose music and set the mood. Of course, that is just my pre-sex ritual.

Usually the things we do before sex change from person to person. However, a recent survey discovered that there are a number of similarities in our pre-sex rituals. Curious to know which rituals you share with others? I have the full list below.

OnePoll and Pure Romance

Most of us are curious about what happens in the sex lives of others. Whenever a sex survey comes out, we want to get all of the dirty details. We want to know what others are doing, what they are up to, and what we might be missing out on. No, we shouldn’t compare, but we can’t help feeling a little curious.

So OnePoll decided to team up with Pure Romance, the online retailer, in order to learn more about out before sex routines. They wanted to know about the pre-sex rituals we keep, and to see if there were any patterns they should be aware of. They spoke to 2,000 Americans, asking if they had any pre-sex rituals they abide by.

Amazingly, 38% of those surveyed said that they did. These were the things that they would do each and every single time that they were going to have sex, no matter how much or how little notice they received about doing the deed. Of those who said they did, 64% said that their routine helped them to feel more confident and enjoy the act more. So what do people do before sex?

We love getting down to sex, but what happens before?

Original source: We Heart It

Grooming. Lots and lots of grooming

The majority of the list is filled with one specific thing, and that is grooming. Grooming is something that a lot of people said that they did before they had sex. They wanted to make themselves clean and presentable to their partner. I’ve already admitted that I do it, and anyone who goes on a date with an escort will do the same.

So what kind of grooming is involved? People suggested things like taking a shower were popular. In fact, it was the highest on the list. However, going to the bathroom was also very important to people, as was shaving. They didn’t specific what kind of shaving, but I think we can all guess.

In terms of dental hygiene, that rated pretty highly too. People said that they would brush their teeth, use mouthwash, and even floss before they have sex. They want their mouths to be very clean places so that they can enjoy lots and lots of kissing.

Showers can really make a difference

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Fresh underwear, fresh sheets

Sometimes you aren’t fortunate enough to get a huge amount of warning that you are going to have sex. One moment you are simply sitting together and talking and the next there is a lot of intense kissing. You decide to move things to the bedroom and then realise that the underwear you are wearing might not exactly scream “sexy” or even “clean”.

It seems that, for men in particular, one of the first things they will do is put on clean underwear. They don’t want their partner to have any unpleasant surprises when they strip them, so they change their underwear just in case.

Others might also ask their partner to wait outside of the bedroom for a moment so that they can set the scene. Of course, setting the scene in this scenario means changing the bed sheets. Most people at least have a spare set somewhere, and they’ll whip it out especially for sex. And they say that romance is dead!

A change of sheets makes you feel better

Original source: GoodReads

Setting the mood

Of course, if you do get a little more notice, it is important to set the mood. I already said earlier that I like to put on the perfect music (and you will find tons of music playlists online for the occasion). However, music didn’t factor too strongly into the lists of things people do in their pre-sex rituals.

Instead, people said that they would light a candle. Candles are the perfect way to make the situation a little more romantic. Not only does the lighting look good, but if you get ones with a slight scent they can really lift the mood! Just be careful not to start any fires with them.

Another thing people do is change their underwear. Yes, we’ve already mentioned this, but they do it in a different way. Rather than simply opting for something clean, people will look for the perfect lingerie for the scenario. This is something I know that I am guilty of doing, and it really helps to make me feel good.

Lingerie is a huge turn on for many people

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What are your pre-sex rituals?

So, we have taken a look at the various pre-sex rituals people have. I have even shared mine with you, and you can see that there are a number of different areas where I do just what everyone else does. The question is… what do you do?

You can tell me all about your pre-sex rituals and whether you think they make a difference to your mood in the comment box below. Share your thoughts with us!

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