Is This a Way To Prevent Sexual Offences, or a Recipe For Disaster?

November 8, 2016

Here at XEscorts, we are well aware that many women are the victims of sexual assault and rape in this country. No-one deserves that, and it is only right that we, as a society, do things to minimise these kinds of offences.

This is why I found this latest idea from Lincolnshire fascinating. However, I was left confused to whether it is the route that we should be going down.

Ask For Angela

Dubbed “Ask For Angela,” the strategy created by Lincolnshire Rape Crisis and ‘Pubwatch’ hopes that women who are in a dangerous situation will go the the bar, and ask for “Angela”. The bar staff will then help call her a taxi, or let her leave in a discreet manner.

Twitter user @iizzzzzi shared a photo of the campaign’s flyer detailing the strategy and seemed rather impressed by the idea.

“I saw this in a toilet and thought it was important and should be a thing everywhere, not just Lincolnshire,” she wrote in the caption.

On face value, it seems to make sense. If a woman feels herself in danger, then it is only right the bar helps her get away. However, if you read the poster, you may spot what I spotted.

“Are you on a date that isn’t working out?”. Pardon? I have been on plenty of dates that haven’t worked out, and arguably about 50% of those will be my fault (how can women not find American Football interesting?) How we jump from that, to her getting the bar to call her a taxi under sex offences prevention, I don’t know.

But let us see where that that train of thought will end. Girl asks for ‘Angela’. Bouncers will keep a very close eye on the guy, and when he realises he has been dumped, and tries his luck elsewhere, there will be issues. No bouncer will want a potential sex offender hanging around, so will likely open his head with a fire door. Actually, he may not even wait for him to speak to another girl. He could let the complaining girl get clear, then launch the guy who is sat at the table waiting for his date to return.

Now this may not be good, even if the girl feels threatened. The guy may just be awkward with women, and he ends up getting a shoeing (anyone who thinks I am overreacting should actually see how ‘hands on’ many bouncers are)

However, it may be even worse if, as the sheet says says, it can be used as an excuse to dump your boring date. Poor Eddie will go from a guy who hasn’t clicked with his girl, to potential sex offender in two minutes. When the bouncer comes over and slings him out, probably throwing a few punches in the process, we realise we have an awful situation.

Other Issues

There are a couple of other issues also. Firstly, if this becomes popular, then everyone will know about ‘Ask For Angela’. It will becomes some sort of joke on social media with guys trolling each other. You can see it now ; “hey mate, enjoy your date, see how long it is before she asks for Angela”. This clever code won’t be half as clever as Lincolnshire rape crisis think it is.

Also, I can just see some unscrupulous girl going for an expensive meal, and then deciding to do a bunk, claiming her date is ‘dodgy’. This is completely open to abuse.

A Good Way to Stop Rape and Sexual Assault?

But lets get back to the original idea that you can get the bar to call you a taxi if your date is ‘not going well’. Is this what Lincolnshire Rape Crisis meant? Have they just used a terrible choice of words, and maybe not thought through some of the unforeseen consequences? I have no idea.

If this is to continue, or to be rolled out nationwide, we need to make sure that the wording is clearer. Being on a date that “isn’t working out”, and “it all feeling a bit weird” (I missed that one before) is far too vague to put a guy in the sights of a steroid monkey bouncer who is likely up for a ruck anyway.

The idea seems very good. I am very glad that we can talk about this in an adult manner. Any steps that people take to help ease the real problem of rape and sexual assault is a good thing. This may very well be the start of a really good move in that direction. We just aren’t there yet with the current Lincolnshire model, in my opinion.

What do you think? Am I being too cynical? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Wow, great idea. This should help a few girls.

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