Priest Busted For Organising Orgies!

January 4, 2017

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I have never really been anti-religion. I come from a family with faith, so even though I don’t, I have respect for those who do. It is the hypocrisy of many of those who choose it as a profession that gets my goat. However, I never thought I would see it hit such levels as this latest story coming out of Italy, where a Priest has been organising orgies. Yes, you did just hear me right!

Catholic Father Andrea Contin, a parish priest in the northern city of Padua in Veneto is in major trouble, after being accused of living of off immoral earnings, and physiological violence.

A load of sex toys and porno videos have been seized from his residence, after complaints were made by three parishioners.

He is also accused of passing on some of his lovers to other men on swingers websites. He even took his lady friends to a swingers resort on the French coast. He certainly does seem to know how to live it up!

Complaints Not Reported

Complaints were apparently made to the local Bishop, but he never informed the police as the ‘investigation wasn’t complete’. Sounds a bit of a cover up doesn’t it? Sorry, that would be completely unlike the church…..

One 49-year-old church volunteer, who says she had an affair with Father Contin and had sex with him in the rectory stated “There were a lot of women hovering around him. I didn’t understand that at first, only later.”

Father Contin hasn’t yet been arrested, and is currently on holiday in Croatia, trying to get away from the stress.

Firstly, let’s get something straight. The fact he has a healthy sexual appetite is no issue for me. This isn’t like he has been caught molesting children, which, you don’t need me to tell you, is a lot worse.

Though I have no problems with people having multiple sexual partners. (as long as no-one is being hurt) However, it is the fact the church preaches ‘morality’ that gets to me. You know that the guy preaching from the pulpit is likely up to no good in his spare time. Well, maybe not as much as Father Contin, but you know what I mean.

The Future of the Church

I think Priests should be allowed to have sex. I think the repression that they feel isn’t healthy. As long as you are helping people, then for me, you can have fun in your own time.

The Church is going to need to find a way to stay relevant over the next century. Maybe realising that their priests are human is a good way to start. That doesn’t excuse our friend’s hypocrisy, but it is certainly a reason for his actions.

We will watch how this case transpires with interest. You just have to love the Italians!

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