Prostitute Cleared of €15,000 Theft

May 28, 2015

A prostitute in Malta has been cleared of theft after a punter claimed that she had robbed €11,300 off him during a 10 minute sex romp.

The court heard conflicting stories from both the prostitute and her client after he picked up up in May 2013, and took her back to her apartment.

A Huge Amount

The man told the court that he had been carrying €15,000 which he had been given to him by a business partner to help set up a new venture.

On arriving in the flat, he stated that he gave her €20 from a €75 bundle he had in one pocket, whilst an envelope filled with the larger amount was in the other.

It was at this point he took off his pants, and sat on the bed whilst the prostitute gave him oral sex on her knees.

Later on her put on a condom and had sex with he for about ten minutes. Afterwards the woman said he had dropped his envelope.However, when he got back his his own place, he realised that his money had gone.

At the police station, where he filed would have been a really embarrassing police report, the man admitted to knowing the lady, and the fact she had a history of drug abuse.

When the police searched her house, they were unable to locate the cash.

A Different Story

Well, up to now, this sounds like a smackhead prostitute robbing a dumb ass punter. Pretty cut and dried, right? Well, not exactly. It seems that this guys story seriously didn’t add up!

It appears that he gave conflicting accounts of how much money was in the envelope, at one point saying it was €10,000, and later saying it was €15,000.

Also, why would a guy be carrying 15 grand around anyway? Well, he claimed that it was all down to the fact that the banks were closed and he couldn’t deposit the cash. Well, in Malta, you can deposit 24 hours a day, so that didn’t wash.

The woman was eventually cleared of the the theft charges, although she was busted under the prostitution related charges, and was jailed.

The Real Story?

Well let’s take a look at what the court are alleging happened. Reading between the lines, they are saying there is a possibility that he has fleeced his business partner of the cash, and is blaming the drug addled prostitute.

It says a lot about the grey area that the police have to work in. Anyone who says that there isn’t such thing as a prostitute who rifles through the pockets of an unsuspecting punter is either gullible or a liar. In any walk of life, you get dodgy people looking to rip you off. Just like in the business world.

There is a rather large likelihood that this guy has made a false accusation. That is one of the problems with the negative perceptions of sex workers in the media. It makes them ripe to be the victim of lies and deceit.

Though we will never know exactly what happened here, it is good to see a sex worker, even one with her own problems, have her word taken over someone you would expect to be called ‘respectable’.

Maybe attitudes are changing, after all?

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