Prostitute Tester Wanted!

March 30, 2015

In what seems like the greatest job offer of all time, a social media company which caters for the German sex industry, has advertised for a prostitute tester. Yes, you heard me right, a prostitute tester!

A Dream Job, which means ‘buy me’ in German, wants a man or woman to review brothels in Germany, marking categories such as cleanliness, service and compliance. According to one of the bosses of the site, this will require having sex with sex workers.

Worse things happen at sea.

“Having a brothel in Germany is totally legal but so far there is not a quality system for them in place. We want to be the Tripadvisor for brothels,” Ben told CNBC. “Clients on Kaufmich should be able to check the quality of brothels before there go — like you check your hotel online before you book.”

As well have being willing to have sex with lovely ladies, the ideal candidate “should enjoy having fun with people”, and not be afraid of contact.

Believe it or not, the lucky applicant has to be very qualified. They should have a business degree, a full health certificate and must be good with their tongue, as they will need to be able to converse with French sex workers. (it seems that the French have a high population of sex workers in the German prostitute industry) Having a knowledge of German brothels is a plus. This is the only job interview where THAT would be seen as a good thing.

Naked attractive couple embracing

Rather unsurprisingly, Germany isn’t the only country where job applicants are coming from. UK nationals, as well as people from Holland and Belgium are also throwing their cap into the ring.

Good Motivations was founded in 2009 by three brothers seeking to improve Germany’s sex industry by creating a market for independent prostitutes.

“Our vision is to see sex work as an equal and fully accepted part of society,” Julius Dreyer, one of the brothers, said, according to “We believe that all kinds of problems arise from sex workers being isolated and judged.”

Actually, they make a really good point. They are looking to promote quality, independent sex work. That is really very noble, and goes against any idea that people who like sex work don’t care where the girls come from and how they are treated.

Now, completely unrelated to this article of course, I would like to announce my resignation from the company. It has been a good ride, but we all have to move on in life.
Now where are those Lederhosen and that German phrase book? Auf Weidersein!

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