Public Sex – Couple Caught On Park Bench

October 2, 2014

We’ve all experienced it at some point. We’ve been out with a sexy lady and had the urge to have them right then and there. Most of us resist, but some people can’t bring themselves to jump in a taxi and head home.

Not Cuddling

One excited couple were seemingly cuddling on a park bench in Almaty, Kazakhstan, sharing an intimate moment. However, passers-by were shocked to notice the couple were actually rocking back and forth, as though they were having sex.

Very Public Sex

Not only did the couple continue as cars drove by, but they also kept at it while people walked less than three feet away from them. They didn’t seem at all bothered that their frantic actions might be disturbing others. Well, when you are having really good sex it is hard to tear yourself away… but surely they could have gone somewhere a little more appropriate?

Avoiding Getting Caught

Someone managed to catch the act on video and passed it on to the police, who are “looking for the couple who are suspected of committing crimes against public decency”. That’s what happens what you have public sex in a very public place!

So how do you avoid getting caught? The key is to choose somewhere far more secluded than that, such as your back garden with a high fence to protect you. However, many enjoy the thrill that they might be caught. You will need to weigh up your desire for public sex against your desire to not be caught. If you’d rather not get caught… best keep it in the bedroom.

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