Is Quiet Sex At Christmas Important?

December 21, 2017

I've left you something under the Christmas tree

A typical Christmas day for many of us involves going to visit the family, hearing all about the different things people received under the tree, and counting down the hours until you go home. Yes, seeing family is great, but it can also be stressful. A good way to work off stress is with sex, but it’s difficult when you are surrounded by people.

A recent survey, however, suggested that we are still eager to manage it. We want to have sex and we are going to do it, if we can. The problem is that noise is a big factor. Is having quiet sex really that important at Christmas?

Noise and sex

Most of us have our own ideas about the amount of noise we should hear during sex. Personally, I don’t like quiet sex. I want to be able to make noise and it turns me on when I can hear my partner moaning and groaning. But it isn’t always possible to enjoy loud sex.

That said, there are some times when having quiet sex can be a turn on. If you know that there is a chance you could get caught, trying to be quiet can be very thrilling. It makes you want to go harder and faster to try and get them to make some noise.

There are certain times when being quiet during sex is vital. For example, if you don’t want your flatmate to hear you or you are spending time with family at Christmas and don’t want to be discovered being naughty. But it seems that this is not going to stop us.

Moaning during sex turns us on... so why should we be silent?

Original source: India Times

The challenge of Christmas sex

There is one time of year when having sex quietly becomes standard, and that is at Christmas. Most of us will be surrounded by family, and so sneaking off to have sex is a challenge. Even then we might find that getting too noisy will draw attention and so we try to stay quiet.

It seems that this is not enough to stop our plans for a festive fuck. A survey by ONE Condoms has revealed that many of us are planning to have sex at Christmas even if we might get caught.

They spoke to 2,000 people and discovered that 62% of us want a Christmas filled with sex, and that it does not matter if there are family members on the other side of the wall. We’ll be trying to get some anyway… but how is that achievable?

Christmas sex is a big turn on

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The quiet sex position

It seems that 30% of those stating that they would be having sex on Christmas Day aren’t simply going to have it spontaneously. They instead have a plan of just how they will achieve it, and this is often through choosing a specific position.

They want to go for a position that is perfect for keeping things quiet, because it doesn’t make a lot of fuss. The position of choice is spooning. It is the perfect position for morning sex, but it is also amazing for quiet Christmas sex.

There isn’t a lot of frantic thrusting in this position, so the chances of a squeaking bed are low. Plus, you can take it nice and slow, making it incredibly pleasurable. You may even have a pillow to hand if you do get a little bit too vocal.

Spooning is the best position for Christmas sex because you can keep it quiet

Original source: Tumblr

Should we keep it sex quiet?

Enjoying noisy sex at Christmas is difficult to do, so it is easy to see why we are looking for the best sex positions for quiet sex. So how do you plan to fuck this Christmas? Are you going to use the spooning position or have you something better?

Let us know how you feel by leaving a comment in the box below. How do you plan to avoid getting caught having sex this Christmas? Share your best tips by leaving a comment.

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