Reddit Man and the Two Vagina’d Woman!

August 8, 2016

Man on top of woman in bed

I was having a look around the internet earlier to find something to write about. After doing this job for over three years, you kind of get used to seeing the same stuff. Sadly, nothing ever really shocks you. You can find things funny yes, but real ‘WTF?’ moments just don’t really occur anymore. However, after going on Reddit and finding out about the woman with two vagina’s, I really was taken aback.

NurseryRN (that is a username, if you needed to be told) was born with a “complete uterine didelphys”. This is a condition where a woman has a double uterus, with two cervixes and in the case of NurseryRN – two vaginas. Wow!

Well, after a very popular ‘Ask Me Anything’ (where users, as you can guess, can ask you anything) her husband, ‘twicethefunn’, waded in and let everyone know what their sex life was like.

First Thoughts

Well, he thought it sounded fun. That was pretty obvious, but he expanded.

“Well, before we started dating she mentioned she had two of something most girls don’t.

“After a couple minutes of guessing I finally figured it out. It was an interesting conversation.”

Yes, I bet!

Does it Feel Different?

Well, the answer is yes, but he was quick to point out that all vagina’s feel different anyway, and this was nothing to do with her specifically having two vaginas.

At this point, the questioning got a bit daft. ‘Does he have two penis’? Well, no, of course he doesn’t.

There is loads more; some funny, some downright idiotic, but just head over to Reddit if you want a gander.

Well, it seems they were both happy with him talking about their sex life. He was also not too surprised that people were asking him such intimate questions.

“I’ve been browsing Reddit for over a year, so I pretty much have caught on to how it functions. I expected a lot of sex questions, a lot of medical questions and a lot of humor. We’re both trying to have a bit of fun”

Well, they certainly did that, and they also gave us a bit of a chuckle! For doing that, we can’t really thank you enough!

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