Report Calls For The Decriminalisation of Sex Work

August 7, 2015

A report from the Institute for Economic Affairs has stated that prostitutions should be fully decriminalised as attempts to control the sex trade have proven ineffective and a waste of money.

On top of that, it dismissed claims that sex work, lap dancing and porn are harmful to women, and that decriminalisation could actually reduce the levels of rape and sex attacks.

This all comes on the back of Amnesty International calling for the decriminalisation of the sex trade. It really does seem that momentum is growing.

Police Backing

In the last few weeks, Gwent Police announced plans to allow a certain part of Newport to be used by sex workers. They claimed that this would help prevent attacks, and make the girls feel safer when it comes to making contact with the police in the event of anything bad happening.

The report was conducted by social scientist Catherine Hakim who says that international surveys show a large gap in sexual desire between men and women which “cannot be dismissed as an outdated patriarchal myth by feminists.”

Combined with other social changes, the “male demand for sexual entertainments of all kinds is thus growing, and ineradicable”, she concludes.

She says the the prostitution and porn have no damaging effect on society, and even cites Spain where prostitution is legal and consequently has an extremely low level of rape.

She also states that the law in Britain which allow people to sell sex but outlaws pimping and brothel keeping actually prevents women from working together, and in doing so creates a more dangerous environment.

In Sweden, where the purchasing of sex has forced the industry underground, this line of work has become more dangerous, she says.

“Laws on prostitution are now outdated, misinformed and redundant. The very concept of prostitution is no longer workable in today’s fluid sexual markets, where anyone can meet anyone, on whatever terms they choose.

“Decriminalisation is the only workable way forward. The proposal to copy Sweden and criminalise customers in the sex trade is a complete waste of public money, unforgiveable in a time of austerity.”

An Important Step

It is great that we are now seeing influential voices coming out in favour of decriminalisation. The only thing that should matter is the safety of all those involved. When you start making laws through ‘morality’ instead of the safety of your nation, then there are major, major problems. I sometimes feel that the criminalisation crew actually don’t care about sex attacks and actually see them as a help in getting sex workers out of the industry. If they know it is unsafe, they won’t do it. If they do, it is on their own head. What other excuse could there be for the ignoring of the facts?

XEscorts will continue to fight for the decriminalisation of the sex industry. Everyone has the right to live the life the way they see fit and be safe in the process.

Really, I don’t know why such a basic human right seems revolutionary.

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