Role Play: Easy Ways To Start Out

September 21, 2017

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Bedroom fantasies change from person to person. One man might want to kneel down and submit to a hot dominatrix who will give them six of the best with their spanking cane. Another might like the idea of receiving a slow and erotic massage. Some may like the idea of trying role play.

Because our fantasies can be so different from each other, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you want to try something new. Whether you are helping your partner to fulfil a fantasy or simply expanding your knowledge in the bedroom, you want to know the basics before you play.

Role play often intimidates a lot of people. They feel like there partner will laugh at them for getting it wrong or that they might take things too far. So here are some tips and suggestions for helping you start out.

Get the details down

Before you actually start diving in, you are going to need to take the time to figure out what your role play fantasy is. You might think that this is obvious and that you already know, but you are going to have to nail down the details before you start to play.

For example, a lot of people don’t realise that role play does not have to involve kinky costumes. Yes, some people like to experiment with it, but for the majority of people costumes don’t come into it. Instead, their role playing fantasies are all about acting things out.

This is why you should take the time to figure out exactly what it is that you want. Does your fantasy involve a costume? Is it more about the attitude your partner will have? Are there certain things you do and do not want to happen? Figure these out, and then explaining them to your partner, will help you both set up and create a fantastic fantasy to act out.

Details are important when it comes to any fantasy

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Don’t take it too seriously

Okay, so you might have been thinking about this sexy fantasy for a while. However, one mistake that many people make is that they take things way too seriously. Try to remember that it is supposed to be fun for you and your partner.

Yes, you want to get it right. However, putting pressure on yourself and your partner to get it perfect isn’t going to do you any favours. If anything, it is going to make it so much more difficult to make it work. In fact, you’ll probably find that you won’t try it again.

So learn to laugh when things go wrong. Because they will go wrong. Mess up those sexy dirty talk lines? That’s fine. Managed to rip the costume in a way that means you can’t use it again? Don’t worry about it. Concentrate on making it fun instead of making it perfect and you’ll have a far better time.

Try not to take things too seriously

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Skip the outfits and props

You might find that the fantasy you want to try with your partner involves things like costumes and props. When you are first starting out, these items can really help you get into character. However they are also a huge distraction.

You’ll find that you become so focused on remembering them that you stop having fun. You’ll be worried about keeping them on you at all times, and so things won’t naturally progress along. Plus, they can get really expensive.

The best advice I can give you is to just forget those details for now. When you are first starting out, keep it purely to the way you and your partner interact. If you find that you like the fantasy you can then add things like props and outfits to it at a later date. But keep things simple to start.

Outfits are nice but they aren't for everyone

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The best role play scenarios

It can be difficult to think of some easy but fun role play scenarios to start out with, so here are a few suggestions you might like. The house wife and handyman (or house husband and handywoman) makes a good one to try. You can make up any excuse for your partner being there, and you can even use the excuse of forgetting your tools for why you don’t have them! You don’t need to be in a special place or set up the room to try this out, and it will be a lot of fun.

Another great one is the boss and secretary. Again, you don’t need a lot to get started with this. Simply dressing smart can make the difference. You can even say that it is a late-night call from the boss to go over some things, which will explain why you are at home, and from there you can start to play with the power between the two of you.

Got a few great suggestions you want to share of your own? Why not leave a comment in the box below? Share your top tips for starting out role playing!

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