What Not to Say in Bed

December 30, 2013

You would be surprised at the things men have uttered to women during sex. It’s not always deliberate; even with the best of intentions, phrases can often come out sounding wrong and all hell breaks loose in the bedroom. We’re not talking in a good way either. We’ve decided to round up the phrases that should be avoided in bed. You may think these are harmless, but most women will find them insulting. Don’t believe us? Ask a London escort. These women are known for their honesty and will tell you exactly what to say and not say in the bedroom.

Phrase One: “Of all the women I’ve been with, you have the sexiest body.”

So you think that you are complementing your woman, saying that she is the hottest person you have ever been with. She should be flattered, right? Well, no. In fact, you have just compared her to every other woman you have ever slept with. Therefore, she is likely to think that you compare her in every other way, and that she needs to reach some level of expectation. This will terrify the strongest of women! Instead, when paying a compliment make her the only subject. Tell her that she has the sexiest body in the world, or how hot she looks on top of you…

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Phrase Two: “Why won’t you…? My ex used to do it.”

If you think she will see this as competition and wants to be better than your ex, think again! Well, the latter may be true, but you are going to look like a total douche if you try this phrase out at any point in your relationship, but even more so during foreplay or sex. Any reference to a specific ex is a hundred times worse than referring to the women you have been with (read Phrase One). No one likes to be told about how great their lover’s ex was. If you want her to give something a go, try telling her it has been a fantasy of yours for a while. Or that you are willing to try out something that she has been wanting to do in return? This makes it sexy and exciting!

Phrase Three: “I hate it when you do…”

When it comes to sex, using negative words like “hate” or “don’t” will not sit well with your partner. She has gone out of her way to please you, so there’s no need to be so critical and ungrateful. It is likely to knock her confidence and make her less likely to try new things in the future. So, if you want her to stop gnawing on your earlobes or licking your nipples; you need to start by drowning her with compliments. Boost her confidence first by telling her what she’s doing right, and then you can point out what feels uncomfortable. That way, your partner will be focusing on the positives more than the negatives and won’t be offended.


Phrase Four: “Say my name!”

It may work in the movies, but it definitely doesn’t work in the bedroom. This is likely to turn your partner off completely and will leave you looking foolish. Similar lines have been used and abused in comedy films for decades and using them will only make her think of those movies; and not how great you are in bed. Why not whisper her name instead? Ask her how much she enjoys you kissing her breasts or does she like the way you penetrate her? This will focus your partners mind on the act itself and will intensify the sensations she’s experiencing. She’ll soon start calling your name; without the cliché prompting!

Phrase Five: “Faster baby, faster…bounce harder…”

If you want her to feel like a robot – keep going! If not, stop giving out orders. You might think that your woman is enjoying doing everything you say, but barking out commands can very quickly turn sex into a chore. What you should do instead is pay compliments while manoeuvring her body slowly and gently to where you want her. If you want her to go faster? Pick her up, put her on the bed and do what you want with her. If you want her to bounce harder? Grab her hips and rock her. There is a way to guide and suggest positioning without ordering her around.


So there you have it. Those are some of the most common phrases men use in bed without realising how bad they really sound. These phrases have the potential to ruin the mood and could leave you sitting naked, on your own, wondering what the hell happened. If you are lucky enough to bring back a lady to your bedroom, whether on a regular basis or not, avoid the above and take the time to compliment her instead. The sexier you make her feel, the more fun you will both have.

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