Schoolkid In Trouble Over ’50 Shades’ Costume

March 10, 2015

An 11 year old boy has been ‘banned’ from ‘World Book Day’ after going into a school in Sale, England, dressed as one of the characters from smash hit, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

Liam Scholes shocked school officials, after going in dressed as Christian Grey, complete with suit, and carrying cable ties and an eye mask.


Mother, Nicola Scholes has spoken about the moment she was contacted by the school, telling her that he her son hand been barred from school photos, as the costume was ‘inappropriate’.

She told the Manchester Evening News : “”We thought it was funny. We were walking home from school and he had the idea of going as Christian Grey.

“At first we laughed it off but then we discussed it with a few friends and saw the funny side and decided it was quite a good costume idea.

“He went in a suit and shoes and with an eye mask and cable ties.

“The cable ties were tiny and not enough to do anything with them. We didn’t think there would be a problem.

“I got a phone call home from the school saying the outfit was inappropriate and that he had been excluded from taking part or being in any of the photographs.

“Me and the teacher agreed to disagree and it’s not being taken any further but I was disappointed for Liam that he’d been stopped from taking part and that he’s had a dressing down.

“One of the teachers went dressed as Dexter and I don’t see why sex is seen as more offensive than murder.

“If it was a primary school I could understand but it’s a secondary school and the book and the film have been everywhere – it’s one of the most famous books in recent years and it’s not like the pupils will be unaware of it.”

Slave girl laying on bench

Right or Wrong?

I find the whole thing very interesting. I can actually see what the problem is with this costume. Christian Grey is a sexual character, and with all the issues regarding sexual abuse we have these days, both current and historical, I am not surprised that the school doesn’t want an 11 year old student representing that.

But the issue comes with them allowing a teacher to represent a serial killer. Don’t give me the garbage that Dexter only kills other serial killer, so he is somehow righteous. Anyone who has seen the show should realise that he is a nutter who is only killing people it is ‘socially acceptable’ to kill, but in the end, just wants to kill. That doesn’t make him good. If you miss that point, then you should really start questioning your comprehension skills.

Surely murder isn’t something the school want represented either?

Double Standard

I feel people pick and choose what they are offended about, and it never usually follows any rhyme of reason. I remember last year (or was it the year before?) two girls getting into major trouble on a global scale, when they went to a Halloween party dressed as the World Trade Centre, complete with flames and bodies. Though that was probably quite tasteless, there didn’t seem to be any complaints about other patrons dressing as Jimmy Savile. Savile was a man who enjoyed abusing young children. Is that kind of costume meant to be funny and acceptable? I’m not saying it is or it isn’t, but there does seem to be a bit of double standards going on there.

If the school wants to start making examples of children, then they need to make sure they are on solid ground. This ‘one rule for one, and one rule for another’ attitude sucks.

So what do you think? Should the costume have been banned?

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