Science Says These Men Give Better Orgasms

January 5, 2017

A woman enjoys better orgasms from her partner

Some people are better at sex. Most of the time, it is because they have more experience and have tried different things in the bedroom. Sometimes, it is just a natural talent for giving bigger and better orgasms. However researchers believes that there might actually be a bit of science behind it.

A recent study has suggested that certain types of men are able to give you better orgasms. Given the findings, we aren’t entirely convinced. So we wanted to share them with you! Take a look at the finding below and the science behind it. Do you agree?

The University of Albany

Lately, people have been talking about this study, conducted by the University of Albany. The study, titled “do orgasms give women feedback about mate choice?” wanted to look at what the quality and quantity of orgasms could tell us about our choices in the bedroom.

Mainly they wanted to know if there was a pattern. Is there a secret formula when it comes to picking a partner who is good in bed?

You might be thinking that there is absolutely no way you can tell if someone is good in bed just by looking at them. If we could, I think we’d all be looking a little bit harder at our potential partners, wouldn’t we?

Well, they felt that there might be a trend. So they gathered a number of women in heterosexual relationships and grilled them for information. They wanted to know more about their partners, their orgasms, and how easily their partner can get them to orgasm. You know, the kind of standard questions you might get asked by your friends on a Friday night at the pub.

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Confident, rich, and attractive

The researchers found that there was actually a bit of a trend when it came to the number of orgasms women were having and the partners giving them. You might think that a factor like “previous number of sexual partners your partner has had” might be a factor… but no.

According to the study, the women surveyed were much more likely to cum if their partners showed confidence and were rich.

Not only that, but good looks also comes into it! You are more likely to have better orgasms if your partner is good looking. Handsome men out there will be pleased to hear this! Another big factor is also the broadness of your shoulders. If you have broad shoulders it seems you are more likely to be able to get your partner off.

Don’t have broad shoulders? Not going to win awards for good looks? Don’t worry. The study also found that women have more sex if their partner is funny. This, in turn, gives them more frequent orgasms.

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But why?

The researchers spoke about the study, summarising their findings to explain just how they managed to come (pun intended) to these conclusions.

They stated that “orgasm intensity was related to how attracted [the women] were to their partners, how many times they had sex per week and ratings of sexual satisfaction”.

However this doesn’t tell us why. Why does being rich make you better in bed? Sure, we can understand being physically attracted to your partner and how that might make your desire for sex greater. But how is wealth a factor here?

Honestly, we can’t figure it out. We just can’t work out how having more money could make you better in bed. Does your partner have to be aware of your wealth before you fuck them? Is it just a natural thing to be able to give better orgasms if you have money in your pocket? We don’t know… and we want answers.

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Giving better orgasms

You might be reading the results of this study and be left feeling just a little bit downhearted. You aren’t alone. The study makes it seem as though you have to be rich, good looking, and confident to be good in bed.

That isn’t the case. You might simply be great at sex. You may have tons of experience in bed that means you can give bigger and better orgasms. But what do you think of this study? Is there any truth behind it?

We want to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the box below. You could even vote in the poll. Do you believe there is any truth to the study results?

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