Sex Games and Virtual Assault in Japan

September 19, 2014

I thought that working in the sex industry would stop it, but still, every now and again I read a story that shocks me to my very core. Today’s tale comes from Japan where some rather sick individual has created a disgusting game where you can sexually assault a virtual character.

Sex Games

The morally questionable new head-mounted display game includes a pair of realistic fake breasts, which make the user feel as if they’re getting to grips with a real woman.

Players can see an image of the virtual girl while grabbing hold of the model bust, which is made from the foam of a novelty mouse pad.However, when you squeeze the girls breasts, she screams, then covers her chest with her arms and looks at the floor.

The bizarre experience comes after the success of Japan’s first virtual girlfriend designed for lonely men. Incredibly a cushion will act as the lap of a real partner.

This is all part of the Oculus Rift series for 3D gaming series. Obviously 3D gaming is the next step in online gaming, and it is certainly a far cry from the 3D systems from the 1990’s, which were clunky and unresponsive. However, it is unsurprising that some perverts have created a sex game.

The Rift will go on show to the public at Japan’s Oculus Rift Festival this weekend.

Sexual Assault is No Game

So is this a bit of harmless fun or is it a truly dangerous sex game? It could be argued that this is no different to playing a game like Grand Theft Auto. In that game you walk around the streets murdering people and committing heinous crimes. Nobody seems to moralise over that. Is this any different? Surely killing someone is worse than a sex crime, look at the sentences when people are convicted?

Well, I think the main problem with this sex game is the fact it is more likely to get people thinking sexual assault is a bit of fun. When someone blows someone’s head off in a game, unless they have major problems, they will think that it is a quick way to do 35 years in the slammer if they transfer it to real life.

This ‘sexual assault’ game is treated as a bit of fun. ‘She’ acts shocked and puts her head down, but it seems almost victimless. Why not have a feel of a woman’s breasts? It’s just a bit of a laugh isn’t it? It would be easy to see some people bringing these kind of ‘sex games’ into the real world.

We know how sexual assault effects the men and woman who have been victims. There is no way sex games like this should be hitting the market. This could affect any woman; from a random woman on the street, to a Stockholm escort. Any woman for that matter.

Sex is a special thing between consenting adults. This is just dirty.

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