Six Great Sex Positions For Valentines Day

February 5, 2019

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Valentines Day is fast approaching, and for those of us in relationships or who have access to escorts, it is a very exciting time. Romance is in the air, or if you are with a companion, maybe not the romance, but the more physical kind of fun is on offer. With that comes the important question, how do I make that sexy time extra fun?

Well, to help with this, the guys and gals at Bustle have come up with some great sex positions to try out on Valentines Day. And as we are always willing to respect good sex advice, we are happy to pass some of the best on to you.

I have to say, even I didn’t know some of these. They are pretty fantastic to be fair.

So here we go.

1) Modified Missionary

We all know missionary can be quite boring. Well, this is a way to make it hotter.

The woman needs to bend her knees and lift her hips up for more contact between both partner’s pelvises. She can then wrap her legs around her partner’s back if she wants to pull him even closer to her.

Modified missionary

2) The Sofa Brace

This one is a fantastic twist on doggy style. The woman drapes herself over the couch and the man enters her from behind. We all know that sometimes the best way to make sex better is to take it away from the bedroom, and this is one of the most exciting, yet easy ways to do it.

The Sofa Brace

3) X Marks The Spot

No, this isn’t a dodgy pirate game. However, it will take some strength from the man to pull it off.

He will hold the woman’s legs whilst they cross over when they reach his neck. This will make it an extra tight fit down there, which will be wonderful for both people. However, it isn’t for everyone as it requires the guy to have good upper body strength.

Do you think you can pull it off?

X marks the spot

4) From Behind

This is another wonderful twist on doggy. Here the guy makes real use of his hands. Fingering, clit play, and sex toys can all make this an explosive position. Do it right and she will be going absolutely crazy.

From Behind

5) Lotus

This is like the traditional yoga position but a lot sexier. The man will sit cross legged, and at that point the woman will climb on top, wrapping her legs around him whilst in a face to face position. She can then get to work in one of the most passionate positions available.


6) Face To Face

Keeping the face to face theme going, this is a belter. The woman needs to make sure her pelvis is higher than her partner’s. She can then cuddle up close and lift one leg up and over him. Patience is needed whilst trying to find the right position though.

There of course many other positions you can try. The only thing that matters is that you are both completely comfortable with each other.

Face to face

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