Five Sex Questions Women are Afraid To Ask

March 27, 2018

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At lot of time here at XEscorts we find ourselves giving sex advice to men. Maybe that is because most clients are guys, but when you consider that most escorts are women, then it can be argued that we are forgetting about 50% of our audience. Well as of today, that is coming to an end

There are many questions that women have about sex and are afraid to ask. Today we are going to answer them.

Before we start, you may have noticed I am a man. Why you may ask am I answering these question then? Well one of the best things about working in the escort industry is that in the last five years I have spoken to 100’s of female escorts, and I have found them most willing to talk about things that may not be mentioned in a ‘normal’ office. I truly have a wonderful job!

So here we go

1) Am I supposed to be turned on my girl on girl porn?

Yes, but funnily enough it doesn’t mean you are bisexual.

A study by the University of Toronto found women are normally turned on by porn they can relate to. Men on the other hand get turned on by sex that matches their orientation.

That will explain why women seem to like lesbian porn, but straight men tend to go queasy at gay porn

2) Should we be masturbating so much?

Masturbation for years has always been seen as the realms of guys. Dirty mags, wanking in showers ect. However, it seems that women are naturally as likely to want to do it.

Dr. Kelly Suschinsky told Women’s Health : “As long as it’s not causing a problem in your relationship or interfering with your wider life, then just enjoy it.”

So knock yourself out, ladies

3) Is it normal to prefer anal sex over vaginal sex?

I know when I was growing up that men who liked anal sex were seen as one step away from being gay, and women who liked it were seen as a bit weird. However, it seems that many women DO like anal sex.

In fact, many women find it easier to have orgasms through anal sex than through ‘normal’ intercourse.

I think answers that question! Go right ahead!

4) Do many men fake orgasms?

The answer is yes. An American study found that 30 percent of men admit to faking orgasms.

This isn’t anything to do with the woman. Many guys struggle to orgasm after a few too many drinks. Also, if they struggle to orgasm through any reason (tiredness, recent sexual activity ect) then their cardio may begin to feel like they are running a marathon. Therefore it is easier for them to pretend to orgasm so they can have a rest.

5) Are Fanny Farts Normal?

Yes they are embarrassing for many, but yes, they are also perfectly normal.

During sex, air gets trapped in the vagina. Any change of position, or maybe just angle of entry will force it out and create a ‘farting’ noise.

The best thing to do is laugh it off. Mark my words; the guy will just be happy he is getting sex.

So there we have it. The moral of the story is ‘enjoy what you are doing’. Don’t worry about what is right and what is wrong. Just have fun.

And remember, you are never on your own. There will be other women out there who have the same experiences as you.

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