Las Vegas Sex Workers Say Sex Dolls Encourage Violence Against Women

September 24, 2018

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We have been watching the rise of sex dolls over the recent years with interest in on our site. We have seen them go from cheap plastic things found in the bedrooms of weirdos, to realistic looking items that cost thousands of pounds. We have even seen sex doll brothels open all over the globe. The next step must surely be sex robots; it only seems to be going one way.

However, rather interestingly, legal American prostitutes have come out against this move to realistic sex dolls as they say they ‘encourage disrespect towards women’ and want this move to sex-bots to stop.

Sheri’s Ranch

Sex workers at Nevada’s legal Sheri’s Ranch brothel are hoping to stop this trend in its tracks.

“It’s dehumanising,” said licensed sex worker Allissa.

“Sex workers offer more than just a simulation of a woman, we offer authentic intimacy and two-way affection that our clients deeply crave and sincerely benefit from.

“Offering sex dolls as a substitute for human sex workers is not only an insult to sex workers, but it’s also an insult to the millions of clients that seek genuine sexual and emotional connections with professional women like me every day.”

She continued: “When a client sees a human sex worker, he has a real two-way experience with a woman that gives him feedback and enhances his ability to be intimate with other women in his current or future life.

“A man who becomes comfortable with a sex doll is alienating himself from healthy sexual experiences with real women and distancing himself from any possibility of a healthy sex life.”

More Concerned Voices

“The idea that women should be like dolls – unresponsive and lethargic during sex – is downright dangerous,” said sex worker Roxanne Price, who thinks the dolls encourage a violent attitude to women in general.

“I feel that sex doll brothels support the idea that sex workers are mere objects, devoid of agency, to be used and abused by their patrons.”

She continued: “Sex dolls are ‘rape-fantasy’ objects that men can mistreat and abuse without consequences.

“Men should not be using sex dolls as training wheels for seeing a human sex worker.”

“It’s a red flag for the sex work industry that doll brothels are becoming popular,” explained Red Diamonds, who has been a sex worker for a decade.

“It’s an epidemic that will plague the sex industry if we allow these places to proliferate.

“In a legal, regulated brothel like those in Nevada, sex workers are empowered women that determine what types of activities we wish to engage in.

“We never perform any service against our will and all of our clients respect our personal boundaries.”

Red continued: “Real sex, especially real sex with a sex worker, is a consensual situation where all parties respect and appreciate their lovers.

“Sex doll brothels encourage disrespect toward women and promote a lack of empathy in sexual interactions.
“That’s not only unhealthy, it’s dangerous.”

Are They Right?

For me, this really is a fascinating one. They may be right, and we are creating a serious problem. On the other hand, could it be that they are now seeing a real rival in the sex market? Could sex robots really start to replace sex workers in a few years?

I can see the point. If a doll just sits there doing what you expect it to do, then would men expect the same from real women? Still, this maybe doesn’t account for the fact that people have brains and can think and tell the difference between a doll and a person. It may only be decided when we have had a few years of these new sex dolls so we can analyse the impact.

So, what do you think? Do sex dolls cause a lack of empathy towards women? Or do the sex workers have an ulterior motive? You can decide in the poll below.

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