Sex Worries That You Can Relax About

December 18, 2015

We all have those little sex worries that work their way into our minds at the most inappropriate times, and there is never a time more awkward for them to do it than right in the middle of sex! There are plenty of people out there who think that when you have amazing sex you won’t worry at all, but you do. It might just be a brief moment of panic before you find yourself lost in the moment again, but everyone worries during sex.

Of course, knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to relax and just enjoy what is happening. All it does is confirm to you that worrying during hot sex is totally normal. Instead, we want to help you banish the worries once and for all by telling you that the person you’re fucking really isn’t worried about it… and if they are, they will tell you. So we take a look at some of the sex worries that you have so that you can see you’re not alone. Which one is the biggest worry for you?

Stop worrying about your size!

Pretty much everywhere we look we are told that size matters, whether it is the size of your cock, how small your pussy is, or what size clothes you can fit into. We are made to feel that our body will never be good enough, and so we start to hate it.

That means that when we get into bed with someone, our minds will work overtime to make us feel bad. We’ll worry about that little bit extra we have on our body somewhere, or we’ll panic that our cocks or pussies aren’t impressive enough for them.

If your body didn’t please them in some way, you wouldn’t find them getting excited at the idea of having sex with you. If you think that your cock isn’t up to standard, your worries about it could actually make sex a lot more awkward and uncomfortable than you ever wanted it to.

It isn’t the size of your dick that matter, but instead it is all about how you use your cock. If you have a smaller cock and can still use it to get her to orgasm, she won’t care. Pleasure is the most important thing, not just how big your dick is.

The level of noise

Everyone makes noise in bed. It is just a natural thing that, when you start to feel intense pleasure, you want to cry out and show the person you’re fucking just how much you are enjoying yourself.

Of course, we all then start to worry if we are making too much noise or not enough. If you are naturally quiet in bed you will find yourself panicking that they think you simply aren’t enjoying it when you really are.

If you make more noise in bed, you might start to wonder if you need to try and tone things down in case they think you are faking it. You’ll want to be quiet but it is hard to, especially when it feels so good. This is one of the biggest sex worries as too much noise won’t just bother your partner…

If thinks do get too loud, either with shouting, screaming, or even a creaky bed, it can let others know what you’re up to. Thankfully there are some great solutions. Simply pulling the bed away from the wall might be enough to silence it, and a pillow will help you keep quiet during sex. It’ll also be a huge turn on to your partner to see you trying to stay quiet.

Are they enjoying it?

One thing that we all worry about at some point or another is if our partner is enjoying it. We start to wonder if they are faking it or just going as quickly as possible to get it over with.

It might be past experience that makes us doubt our performance or even something we have seen in porn that makes us question it, but fear of not giving your partner a great time is probably the biggest of the sex worries.

The best way to resolve this worry is to talk to your partner. Let them know how you feel and see if they can put your mind at ease. It might be that they simply didn’t want to give you suggestions to make things better in bed in case it upset you. Then you can work on making them feel good by trying new positions. At least if your partner isn’t enjoying it there is always going to be something you can do to change that.

Stopping your sex worries

Everyone worries during sex. Even those in long relationships will find themselves wondering if everything they are doing is good enough, or if things have changed. That is why talking is such an important thing to do when it comes to sex, but if you can’t bring yourself to ask then there is something else you can do.

Start by figuring out what the biggest of the sex worries is for you. Is it something you can actually control, like the noise you make in bed, or is it all about the size of your cock?

If it is something you can control, then you can change it. Simply figure out a way that works for you and try it. If it is something you can’t change, then there is no point in worrying about it. Instead focus on making your partner feel amazing and that will be enough.

What are the biggest sex worries for you? Are you constantly questioning yourself in bed, or do you consider yourself to be a bit of a stud? Let us know in the comment box below.

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