You Could Sexercise Your Way To Better Sex!

February 27, 2018

Fit woman using dumbbells in hard training showing her perfect muscular body

There are a number of different things you can do in the bedroom to enjoy better sex. Being able to talk to your partner about what you want and what you like is one of those things. Having that kind of open communication makes sexual discussions so much easier. However, there are other things you can do if you want to up your game.

Sexercise might actually help you make things better in the bedroom, if you do the right things. There are numerous sexercises you can do to improve your skills in bed, and you can see what they are in the blog below.

Flex your PC muscles

Kegel exercises are sometimes referred to as pelvic floor exercises. These help you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, or your pubococcygeus muscle. By toning your pelvic floor, you’ll be able to increase the blood flow to the area. This can help to enhance the sensations you feel during sex, as well as make it easier to orgasm.

For men, it can make you last longer, while a lot of women report feeling a little tighter as a result. Strengthening these muscles doesn’t just help with sex. The muscles also support your bladder, small intestine, rectum, and uterus. Doing them is ridiculously easy. In fact, you could be doing them right now while you read the rest of this article.

So how do you do them? If you aren’t sure where this muscle you need to squeeze is, you are best trying while urinating. Once you start peeing, try to stop the flow. It can be difficult, but when you manage it you’ll have located your PC muscle. Tense it for three seconds and then relax. Doing this every day can have huge benefits to your sex life.

Kegel exercises are really easy to do

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A lot of people mistake pilates for yoga, but pilates is going to be much better for your sexercise routine. Not only will it increase your flexibility, but it also increases your physical stamina. It focuses on muscle control, so you can build on the progress you have made doing Kegel exercises.

With pilates, you take your time. It isn’t about speed. Instead it is about getting the right technique so that you feel the burn. You’ll work slowly on your strength and on your stamina, which means you’ll last longer in bed.

Another big plus? It increases blood flow to the pelvic area. This means that your sensitivity will increase, which can provide a boost to your libido and make your orgasms more intense. Why not head along to one class and see how you do?

Pilates is excellent for sexercise

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Plank to press

I do a lot of exercise, including going to bootcamp every week. It is exhausting and fun, and one of my favourite exercises is actually ideal for sexercise. It is the plank to press. Okay, it might look simple in the gif below, but it is tough and perfect for killing two birds with one stone.

A lot of people report that push-ups and planks are good for sexercise, so why not combine them? With plan to press you’ll get yourself into a plank position and then move to a press up. You’ll then repeat the motion for however long you see fit.

It’ll strengthen your core with the plank while also improving your upper body strength, which can help you stay on top for longer in certain positions. If you combine this exercise with a few others, such as mountain climbers and oblique burpees, in a high intensity workout, you’ll notice a huge difference to your fitness levels.

Plank to press is tough but excellent for core and upper body strength

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Sex in itself counts as exercise, but if you want to improve your stamina in the bedroom, there are a few things you can do. Because sex gets your heart racing and your lungs working harder so you can catch your breath, you should consider adding some cardio to your sexercise routine.

There are so many different things you could try, from cycling and running to swimming and skipping. You have plenty of options open to you, and it is worth trying a few different ones to see which works best for you.

Personally, I’m a fan of swimming and running. Both make my heart race and my lungs work that little bit harder, so my fitness has improved. You can choose any you’d like, and it’ll be even more fun if you get your partner involved. Why not ask them to join you for a jog? You’ll get the pleasure of their company while also improving your health for the bedroom.

You need to get your heart racing to keep up in the bedroom

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Your favourite sexercise

If you have an intense sex session, this might also count as sexercise. Certain positions really work your body in a way that you might not have thought of before, so which is your favourite? Have yo got a favourite sexercise you think others should be trying?

You can tell us all about it by leaving a comment in the box below. Describe how you get yourself fit and healthy for sex and see what tips others have to offer.

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