The Sexiest Thing For A Woman To Wear

October 1, 2014

There is nothing better than seeing a sexy lady walking towards you, with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. It’s a huge turn on, but what is the sexiest thing for a woman to wear?

Sexy dresses

A figure-hugging dress or one that emphasises your favourite parts of their body can be incredibly sexy. Imagine arranging to meet a beautiful woman outside a restaurant for dinner, and her walking in wearing a stunning dress, hugging her hips and dipping in the front to reveal cleavage. Truly sexy.
Maid outfit

Sexy outfit

Seeing a gorgeous woman dressed up in a sexy outfit is great. It works fantastically with role-play, and even better when they get into the role. It’s a great way to treat yourself to a little bit of fun and games. My favourite has to be the sexy maid outfit, though I am partial to the naughty nurse.

Sexy leggings

Going to the gym with my girlfriend is something of a challenge. She’s gorgeous, but as soon as she puts on the leggings to take her yoga class I have difficulty focusing on what I’m doing. Seeing the black material hugging her sexy body gives me some naughty thoughts I want to try out.

Sexy underwear

Lace panties, thin bra straps… there’s nothing quite like the sight of a woman sashaying your way in a set of sexy lingerie. The anticipation of taking it off slowly and sensually is often too much, and it’s easy to see why we enjoy watching sexy movies with hot women in their underwear take it all off.

Sexy and naked

Sometime there is nothing better than seeing a woman naked. It can be tempting to rush straight in and have some good hard sex, but why not give her an erotic massage instead? You can appreciate every inch of her body then, and she will appreciate the effort you’ve used to make her feel good.

As for which is better, I have to say that seeing a gorgeous woman arriving in a very sexy dress is one of my favourite things. It’s why I often book dinner dates with the escorts in Westminster. They dress to impress, and there is no better feeling than enjoying a delicious meal with a sexy lady.

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