Sexting Is Fun: Why Aren’t We Sending More?

December 31, 2015

Since everyone owns a smartphone these days it is as though every single person you meet is carrying around the entire of the internet and a camera around in their pocket, waiting for the perfect moment to use them. We can get pretty much any information we want at the touch of a button, and instead we use our phones to find out the name of that celebrity in the film we just watched or to start sexting that sexy woman we just can’t stop thinking about!

Sexting is a lot of fun, but it seems that we aren’t sending as many sexts as we should. In fact, a shocking amount of us have never actually tried out sexting! There are so many possibly reasons for why we aren’t sending saucy sexts to people, and here on XEscorts we take a look at why we aren’t sending more sexts and what we can do to help our sexting confidence grow that little bit more.

How many people send sexts?

Back at the end of October, BuzzFeed decided they wanted to take a look at the hot topic of dirty texts and find out what our sexting habits are like. They wanted to know how many of us have actually send dirty texts to someone, and if it is something that we do regularly.

They posted the ultimate sexting poll, which had 17 questions to find out about the kind of saucy things we have been sending to others. Some of the questions were pretty basic, such as “do you sext?” while others want to know about the preferred sexting platforms used and whether or not emojis are a part of your naughty messages.

Buzzfeed is a popular website, so it should hardly be surprising that by the middle of December they had a lot of people voting “in at least one question”. The response they received was huge, with over 100,000 people choosing to take part in this saucy questionnaire.

Of course, the results aren’t scientific, since the survey was completed online and not in laboratory conditions, but we can still learn a lot from the results. So, here on XEscorts we take a look at what the study can tell us about our sexting habits, and hopefully why we aren’t sending more.

Half of us aren’t sending sexts

The first question seemed relatively simple, “do you sext?”, and yet it immediately showed a huge divide between people. There were 50.3k who said that they had sent sexts (at the time of writing this blog), which is roughly 49% of those taking the survey.

This, of course, meant that 51% of us (around 53k) aren’t sending dirty messages at all, and a further 33.4k said that they have never sent a suggestive (but not nude) picture of themselves to someone else. These numbers are pretty high, especially when 51.8k of those in the survey said that they had never sent a nude photo to someone else.

22.5k of those involved in the survey said that they had actually been brave enough to sending a sext to someone they hadn’t actually met in real life, but a whopping 86% of people wouldn’t dream of it, instead keeping the sexts only for “someone I’m in a serious relationship with who I trust” or “someone I’m casually dating or hooking up with”.

Why aren’t we sending dirty texts?

So, we know the numbers of people not sending dirty texts to others, but just why aren’t they sending them? The answers might just lie in the other responses that they gave.

When asked if they would “initiate or wait for someone else to send the first sext”, 70% said that they would wait for someone else to start. That means there are almost 50 thousand people sitting around, waiting to get a hot and steamy text message before they say the things that they really want to. We also know that nearly 9,000 people (12%) have accidentally sent a sext to the wrong person, and that can be enough to put you off for life!

While these numbers might seem shocking and show that we just aren’t confident enough to get sexting right, our unwillingness to send sexts might also be because of a lack of trust. 44% of those surveyed (over 27,000 people) said that they “had to share” a sext or nude that had been sent to them with their friends. When you send a dirty text or a nude pictures, you only want the intended recipient to see it – not all of the people they meet down at the pub!

The best sexting advice

If you have never tried sexting before, you might find some of the ideas above perfectly explain why you haven’t tried it. You value your privacy and don’t want that hot and steamy message being shown to those it wasn’t meant for. However, if you want to try sending sexts, we have some simple advice to help you along.

First of all, you should never send unsolicited dick pics. No-one wants to be on their way home from work to sudden have a cock appearing on their phone screen. It isn’t on, and it is a quick way to get the phone shared around. Similarly, if you don’t trust the person you are messaging explicitly, you should hold off on sending that message.

The Fappening last year showed just how easy it is for people to get access to the things you thought were safe, so what you should do is try to find a way to stop any automatic syncs to cloud servers. Apps like Bleep have been created specifically for those wanting the images to go directly to the recipient, and not some server somewhere that can be compromised. As the director of the company explained, “there’s simply nothing to hack”, and this can make you feel a lot safer when you send those naughty messages.

One final bit of advice we can offer is to edit the pictures. Crop your face out and make sure there is nothing in the background or on your body that might identify you. This will mean that, should the worst happen, you can just deny it. Tattoos, birthmarks, and other things can easily be removed form your body so people will be none the wiser that it is you!

Why we should be sexting

Sending sexts is a hell of a lot of fun, and those who tell you otherwise clearly haven’t been doing it right. There is nothing quite as sexy as sending off a text you know will get them horny in a matter of minutes, and waiting with anticipation for their reply.

Yes, there are some dangers to this fun and kinky act, but there are dangers pretty much everywhere when it comes to sex. The key is to protect yourself in the right way, and by using the advice we have given above and your own common sense, you’ll hopefully be able to combat the dangers and instead have fun – which is the whole point of sending saucy sexts!

Have you got some great tips you want to share with others, or perhaps even some key phrases that are guaranteed to make her wet in an instant? You can share them in the comment box below. Join in the discussion and tell us about the hottest sexts you’ve ever sent or received!

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