Sexy Time: How Long Do We Spend In Bed?

October 13, 2016

A couple spending time in bed

If we had our way, many of us would spend all of our time in bed, fucking and sleeping. We’d give up work to enjoy sex with our partner, turning our working hours into sexy time.

Of course, this isn’t how we can spend our time. Instead we have to deal with responsibilities like work, family, and other things. It really eats up into the sexy time that you could be spending in bed. So, given that life has a habit of getting in the way of sex, just how long do we spend in bed?

The time of our lives

According to research, the average Brit will live for around 83 years. This seems like a long time, but given how many of those years you are actually going to spend working, you’ll wish you had longer for other things.

Thankfully, Quidco have completed a study to discover just how much of our time we spend doing the important things… like having sex, the number of hangovers we’ll have, and how many years you’ll spend in bed sleeping.

A couple having intense and romantic sex

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Our romantic lives might not be quite as romantic as we thought they would be. According to the study, the average Brit will fall in love around 6 times in their life, and be dumped 5 times. That’s a pretty depressing number… but thankfully the number of times we have sex looks good!

You will, apparently, have sex roughly 5,778 times before you die. Metro worked out that, if you were to lose your virginity at 18 and continue fucking for another 65 years, you would average nearly two sex sessions a week for that time. That’s a lot of sex!

How does it compare?

These figures might seem impressive, but without knowing how it compares to other things, we don’t really have any idea what it means. Thankfully, Quidco looked at a number of other statistics to find out if we are having as much sex as we should by.

When looking at the amount of alcohol we drink, they found that the typical Brit will visit the pub around 3,386 times. We’re just glad that this number is lower than the number of times we are supposed to be having sex!

A woman complaining of a hangover

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Unfortunately, they also documented the number of hangovers we will have… which will be roughly 1,793. That is far too many!

On a more positive note, it seems that we will spend a good amount of our time in bed… even if we aren’t there to have sex. We might have sex around 5,778 times, but we are going to spend a total of 20 years in bed sleeping.

More sexy time, please!

These figures look great, but many of us want to be able to spend even more time having sex. It isn’t enough to have sex nearly twice a week from the age of 18 to 83. We want more sex! So just how do you get more sexy time?

A lot of people have found that it is easier for them if they simply set a sex schedule. Sure, this might sound like a boring and dull way of getting more sexy time, but it really works. Not only will you then have a set time for sex, but you’ll find that the anticipation of it is a huge turn on. It might even help to kick-start your foreplay fun!

Sex in the back of a car

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There are also plenty of other ways to ensure you are spending more time in bed having sex. You could try switching condoms, for thicker ones that help you last longer. You could even try some foreplay games to help you slow things down.

Got some other great tips for slowing down sex and getting more of it? Why not share this advice with others? You can do so by leaving a comment in the box below, or you could simply take a look at the comments and see what others have suggested.

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I don't think there are many around the world who would say no to a blowjob ;)
I sleep around 6/7 hours everyday, but during sex with foreplay included, I spend around 40 minutes in total, 20 min foreplay, 20 min sex. I would say I am happy with that, any longer and I would just be bored, unless it is a blowjob, then I can relax all day having my cock sucked dry.

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