Should We Be Concerned About A Sex Recession?

January 27, 2019

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Times are hard. The news lately has been really depressing, leaving everyone feeling like things are just going from bad to worse. To make matters worse, some experts believe that we are in the middle of a sex recession. Usually the word ‘recession’ is used to talk about the economy, but not any more! It seems that a sex recession could spell trouble for the future. Should we be worried about it?

What is a sex recession?

Usually when people talk about recessions, they mean in reference to the economy. Typically it means a decline, often identified by a fall in GDP for two successive quarters. When trade and industrial activity have been reduced significantly, we say that we are in a recession.

So what exactly in a sex recession? Well, to many people it is simply a period where there is a reduction in the amount of sex we are having. Basically we aren’t getting as much as we used to. And some experts feel that this applies to us right now.

Scream! Shout! Run for the hills! We’re in the middle of a sex recession, folks! What’s that? Sex is about quality not quantity? We should be more focused on how much sex we are having? Away with you!

It seems that we aren't as bothered about having sex now
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Turning to science for answers

For me, I know that I am having more sex now than I was a few years ago. Yes, I was in a pretty serious relationship back then, but the sex wasn’t good. I pretty much did everything on the bad sex checklist. I could have improved things if I just spoke to my partner, but they never wanted to talk. So I just never wanted to have sex.

Now I am having a lot more sex and with different people. I have a number of regular fuck buddies I can explore different things with. I’m submissive with some and dominant with others. It’s great for me because I don’t have to worry about a serious relationship while still enjoying sex!

However, it seems that I am the odd one out. The General Social Survey discovered that those in their early twenties are two and a half times as likely to be abstinent when compared to Gen Xers. The average number of sex sessions a year dropped from 62 to 54. Yikes!

Not enough sex shows that we aren't as active as previous generations
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Why aren’t we having more sex?

This begs the question – why aren’t we having more sex? There are tons of different reasons. For a start, we might actually feel more empowered by sex. If we have bad sex, are we really willing to repeat the session just to get our leg over? The chances are no, so we aren’t going to fuck for the sake of it.

The world of kink has also exploded. People are more eager to be dominated and put in their place than have sex. A lot of BDSM means that there is no sex involved, simply submission in other forms. If I’m going to be technical about it, that means people aren’t having sex in the tradition sense.

Many of us are also really busy. I know that I have a hard enough time having sex! I’m having more sex than ever, but trying to fit it into my schedule is a nightmare. Life gets in the way. But these aren’t the only reasons. Kate Julian has her own theories, as you can see in the video below.

Should we be worried?

The question is, should we be concerned that we are in the middle of a sex recession? Well, it depends on how much you prioritise the amount of sex that we are having. Are you someone who believes that quality is better than quantity, or do you just want to fuck lots?

We already know that having sex more than once a week doesn’t affect our relationship satisfaction. However, less than once a week can cause dissatisfaction in a relationship. It seems that we need to strike a balance between the amount we have and how good it is.

Assistant professor Dan Carlson tells us that “the amount of sex is a weak predictor of how satisfied you are with your sex life”. Essentially, if you aren’t having as much sex as previous generations might have been, you don’t have to worry. You can still have an amazing sex life even if you don’t have a lot of it.

It seems that we have no reason to worry about a sex recession
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Are you in a sex recession?

I’ve already said that my sex life is booming. Recession? Not for me! But given the stats shown above, I could be in the minority there. Has the sex recession hit you hard? Tell me by leaving a comment in the box below. What would you rather have when it comes to sex – quantity or quality?

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