Skydiver Given Sack For Sex During Jump

September 1, 2014

Sex is great, but sometimes people need something a little more thrilling. Most people will try something new in the bedroom, like games or techniques to keep it interesting, but for one sky-diving instructor, he wanted to take it to another level.

Mid-Air “Collision”

For sky-diving instructor Alex, he wanted something a bit more exciting during sex. It wasn’t enough to get his partner to wear sexy underwear – he went further and took her sky-diving. The pair proceeded to ‘get it on’ in the plane before they jumped, where they continued the act while diving.

He might have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the video he posted online. Following the video’s arrival, the US Federal Aviation Authority began investigating, and Alex was sacked from his job.

Distraction to the pilot

In America any activity that could be a distraction to the pilot violates Federal regulations. Given the fact that the couple got started on their mid-air romp in the plane itself, it’s easy to see why a pilot might be distracted.

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