The Small Penis Party in London!

February 18, 2015

As a guy, few things can be worse than having a small penis. From the moment we become sexually aware, we are taught that having a big penis is better, and that guys with small dicks are somewhat ‘inferior’. It matters not that you only need a certain length to please a woman, (or man) having a small willy can lead to guys having real confidence issues, and in some cases, suffering from depression.

This is why everyone here at XEscorts is chuffed to hear about this following story.

The UK is hosting its first part celebrating guys who may not be that well endowed. Yes, you did just hear me right.

Party Time!

The Big Small Penis Party is “open to everyone”, but entry will cost more for men with longer penises.

Entry to the London event will be charged at 50p per inch. With the average penis size being between 5 and 6 inches, this means that guys with little willie’s can get in for less than £3


Now how will anyone be able to tell your penis size at the door, you may ask? Well it seems that guys will be asked to reveal themselves upon entry. Yes, once again, you heard me right!

Woman looking into man's underwear

The party has been launched poet Ant Smith, who recently wrote a poem entitled ‘Shorty’ about his own penis.

“For too long, men who perceive their penises to be small have been made to feel inadequate. It’s time to stand up and say there’s nothing wrong with having a little nob,” he says.

There will be a lot going on at this party, with comedians, rappers and fold musicians all performing.

“It’s an open invite to everybody, male or female. We’ve all been touched by a small penis in our lifetime, now’s the time to give something back,” says Ant.

What Are The Motivations?

Now this did get me wondering why the event was taking place. Call me a bit cynical, but part of me did think this would be a a joke at the expense of ‘little guys’. Well it seems that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The poet says he isn’t trying to ‘body shame’ anyone. In fact, he will use the takings on the door to calculate the average size of the male attendees.

That is one way of doing your research, I suppose!

It also seems that women can attend as well. They will be charged 50p for every inch they wish they could have, if they were male.

Won’t that ruin any form of research? I’m just throwing that one out there.

For anyone interested in attending, the event will take place at ‘The Rhythm Factory’ in Whitechapel, on March 7th.

A Good Thing

In the end, this really is a good thing, I would say. Women aren’t the only people who can have body image issues. The media makes guys feel like shit too.

It really is a positive thing for guys with small dicks to realise that there really isn’t anything wrong with the way they are, and they will still have more than enough to please a woman.

Here at XEscorts, we raise a glass to you all!

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