Smart Condom Could Fix Your Bedroom Problems!

November 30, 2017

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We seem to be able to buy smart everything now. We have smartphones, smart heating, and even smart lightbulbs which can change colour and play music, if you so desire. If it wasn’t enough that smart technology is invading your home, it is also invading your bedroom thanks to the smart condom.

Smart condoms are the technology we never knew we needed. They promise to give you an assortment of data about your sex life, and this information could help to fix your bedroom problems. So what do you need to know before investing in a smart condom?

What is the smart condom?

First things first, the name of this product is incredibly misleading. For a start, it isn’t actually a condom. You’d think something being referred to as a “smart condom” would actually be a condom, but no. It isn’t. So don’t buy this believing that it will be a great replacement for condoms.

The i.Con (the proper name for it) is “a ring that will sit over a condom at the base”. It is reuseable, and is said to be “the future of wearable technology in the bedroom”.

This condom is said to be very comfortable, as well as lightweight and water resistant. You are supposed to use it in conjuction with your usual safe sex techniques, and it will then tell you everything you need to know about your performance in bed.

The world's first smart condom isn't actually a condom

Original source: British Condoms

What can it tell us?

The list of things that this smart condom can tell us is pretty long. Because of the variety, it might actually be able to help you resolve a number of different issues you have in the bedroom, if you take the time to review the data. So what can it tell us? According to British Condoms, it will record the following data:

– Calories burnt during sexual intercourse
– Speed of thrusts
– Total number of thrusts
– Frequency of sessions
– Total duration of sessions
– Average velocity of thrusts
– Girth measurement
– Different positions used
– Average skin temperature

This information might seem a little strange to look at, but this can actually help a lot. For example, you might notice that your sessions don’t last as long when you have been at work. This could be as a result of stress making it difficult for you to delay your ejaculation.

While the different positions used is currently in BETA testing, this will still be interesting information to have. You might notice that you don’t change positions that often, and this might prompt you to experiment more.

It might look like a Fitbit but it isn't for your wrist!

Original source: British Condoms

Is it worth it?

It seems like incredibly interesting data to have, but the issue is that the smart condom will retail at £59.99. This works out at 673.52 SEK… for what is, effectively, a fancy cock ring. Is it going to be worth it?

Honestly? We’re not entirely sure. It’s a lot of money for a condom that isn’t a condom. The information it gives us might be interesting, but do we really need to know how many times we thrust during sex, or how many calories we have burned?

We would love to hear what you think about it. Do you believe this is the kind of smart technology we should be investing in to help up our game in the bedroom? Leave a comment below and tell us whether you’ll be buying on when they are released.

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