Some Men Want Injections For Bigger Balls!

November 18, 2018

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When it comes to size, most people tend to worry about the size of their cock. They think that it might not be enough to satisfy their partners, but we know that this isn’t true. It isn’t the size but how you use it. So why are some people suddenly eager to get bigger balls?

The size of your balls has absolutely no bearing on your skill in bed, and yet people are worried about it. Balls don’t come under the same kind of scrutiny, so what’s the big deal?

Size doesn’t matter… does it?

My job means that I spend a lot of time talking about sex… and I mean a lot! In casual conversation with friends, and when writing articles, there are two things I’ll find myself more than anything. The first is how important communication is. If you can’t talk to your partner or listen to what they have to say, your sex life isn’t going to go so well. We aren’t mind readers!

The second is that size does not matter. I have fucked numerous sized cocks in my sex life. I have slept with penises smaller than my hand and ones that were big enough to make me go “oh boy” to myself as I looked at them. The size didn’t have anything to do with how much I enjoyed sex. It was all about the actions my partner took.

Balls cause concerns for people just like dicks do. Too small and they feel like they should be ashamed of them. Too big and they worry that they are getting the wrong kind of attention. But bigger balls also signify strength and courage, don’t they?

The desire for bigger balls

It is this thinking that is making some seek out bigger balls. They want their balls to stand out from the rest and be memorable. In the BDSM scene, they might do this with saline testicle injections. These inflate their ballsack to make it more impressive. It is temporary, and many enjoy it because of the pain and stretching sensations it brings, as well as the increase in weight.

Some don’t want to stop there. They want to go further, and so they look at getting ball fillers. Yes, I am talking about the kind that people get put into their lips to make them appear fuller, plumper, and ready for kissing. Except this time they are going in your balls and not your lips.

Currently it isn’t a common procedure, but more and more clinics are offering it. The filler is injected into the soft Dartos layer, which is underneath the scrotal skin. This then causes a visible change in the ‘volume’ of the scrotum, making them appear bigger.

Imagine this but in your balls

Original source: Coco Ruby Skin

The risks of big balls

If you want bigger balls and think that this might be the procedure for you, you might want to take a moment to think. Plenty of people have concerns regarding the procedure, so your balls could be at risk. Scrotal fillers are often unregulated, and many are performed by unlicensed practitioners. If you really want someone going near your balls with a needle, you’ll want them to have a license, right?

Cosmetic procedures carry the risk of infection as it is, but if you go to an unlicensed practitioner, the risks increase even more. You don’t know what they are injecting in there. It could literally be anything because they don’t have to follow the same code of conduct a licensed professional would.

Say that you do take the risk. If it goes wrong, you might not want to seek professional help to fix it. This can cause further complications and leave you feel ashamed. This isn’t what you want. Your best bet is to stick with licensed professionals to ensure the best experience.

Are big balls a big deal?

I’d be lying if I said that the size of my partner’s balls ever mattered to me before. I’ve played with their balls, particularly while going down on them, and admired them. But never before have I looked and gone “they are too big” or “they are too small”. I’m not Goldilocks. Size does not matter to me.

But it might matter to some people. We are very body conscious. We often worry about what others think about our bodies when they genuinely don’t care. How many of you out there feel this way?

So my question is this: would you ever get fillers injected to give you bigger balls? Are big balls really a big deal to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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