Stop Being Bad At Sex And Become A Sex God!

August 20, 2018

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If you are anything like me, you’ll already have an idea about the things that you are good at in bed. For example, I love giving oral. Whether I am sucking a hard cock into my mouth or I’m licking at the beautiful folds of a pussy, my love of it means I spend a lot of time doing it. So naturally I like to think that I am skilled at it.

That said, there are also things that I feel I can work on in the bedroom. We all want to be sex gods, capable of bringing our partner immense amounts of pleasure. The problem with that is how do you actually become a sex god?

What is bad sex?

Just what defines bad sex tends to vary from person to person. Throughout the years I’ve had some amazing and mind-blowing sex. You know the kind. It makes your eyes roll back in your head and leaves your legs shaking afterwards. It feels incredible, even if you don’t actually reach orgasm. I’ve also had bad sex. Typically it is something that I’m not keen on repeating, for whatever reason. I could tell you plenty of stories about what happened, but at the end of the day the sex was just bad. I didn’t enjoy any aspect of it and I felt disappointed with how things had progressed.

Late last year, Olivia Cassano wrote a guide looking at 10 types of bad sex everyone will have sooner or later in life. However, this isn’t a definitive guide for a lot of us. It is more of an advisory about the types you might encounter. For me, my first time having sex and actually losing my virginity was actually alright. Sure, it didn’t result in a “wake the neighbours” orgasm, but it still felt good.

The problem is finding a definition of bad sex. Some instantly assume it is where you don’t reach orgasm, but sex can be amazing even if you don’t quite get there. A lot of people seem to agree that it is instead when you are left feeling defeated or just completely unsatisfied by the things that have happened.

Sex can be bad sometimes. What can you do about it?

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Our thoughts about sex gods

At some point or another, you’ll have had thoughts about being a sex god, or even fucking one. It is a dream for many to become one, or to at least experience a night with them. They are the pinacle of amazing sex skills, of what we can become when we gain the right talents.

There seem to be two main talents we imagine for sex gods. The first is that they are mind readers. Without us having to say a word they know exactly what we want during sex. We dream of sex where we don’t have to utter anything and still find ourselves satisfied in the exact way that we are hoping to be.

The second important factor is that they are amazing at absolutely everything involving sex. They don’t just give good head, for example. They give amazing head, the kind that you would fantasise about for the rest of your life. They know every position in the book and know the best way to get into them, flawless moving us from position to position like a sexy puppet they have total control of.

Being a sex god isn't easy

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How do you become a sex god?

There is every chance that you are looking at the above requirements for being a sex god and thinking “I have no chance in hell of reaching those level of amazingness”. Well, becoming a sex god is actually a lot easier than you might think, and you don’t have to become a mind reader or even particularly skilled to do it.

The key to becoming a sex god is communication. Seriously, this is really all you need to become amazing in bed. Effective communication is the best skill you can bring to the bedroom. You might need to practice it, but it will serve you well.

You don’t have to read someone’s mind and you don’t have to be skilled in all areas of sex. You can just ask your partner what they want and listen to what they tell you. If they enjoy something they will let you know, and you can even ask for feedback on the things that you do. This shows that you give a fuck and want to make them in particular feel good, rather than just using some tips you’ve read online.

Being hot isn't enough if you want to be a sex god

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Do you think you’re a sex god?

I like to think that I’m good in bed. I take the time to listen to my partner and to tell them how I am feeling. Communication is important during sex, and I feel as though I’m pretty good at it. But would I call myself a sex god? Probably not. I still think that there is more I can do to improve.

What about you? Do you believe that you are one of the sex gods out there? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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