Stop Sending Dick Pics! (Video)

February 20, 2015

Don’t send dick pics. Seriously. It isn’t big (well…) and it isn’t clever. If anything, it makes us want to just block your number and never ever speak to you again.

Yet you guys still insist on doing it. Why? What is the obsession with showing us your cock? Will it make us like you more or will it just irritate the shit out of us?

Below you can see a video of women reacting to dick pics, and we’ll explain just why you should stop this once and for all.

Why dick pics?

It has happened to me a few times. I’ll be messaging a guy I’m interested in, having a little flirt, and then BOOM! Suddenly the screen will be filled with a picture of their dick and they’ll be waiting for me to reply with something like “oh yes, fuck me right now”.

Of course, that never happens. Instead, I just block them as a contact and share the story with my girl friends at a later date.

So why do guys send dick pics?

The theory is that you might be so impressive to us that we will spread our legs and let you go at it. The other theory is that you are a bit of a sexual deviant and like the kick you get from sending unsolicited dick pics.

Why shouldn’t you send dick pics?

I’m not even sure why this is something that needs asking, but looking at the internet tells me that this is something you need to know. There are so many reasons that you shouldn’t be sending dick pics to people.

First of all, it’s rude. You don’t know what that person is doing. You might think they are messaging you from their bed and thinking naughty thoughts about you, but they could be sitting right next to their family members… and do you really want those members to see your member?

Secondly, she might not want to see it. She may simply not be interested, or she might want to get to know you better. Better yet, she might want the surprise of pulling your trousers down at a later date and seeing your cock in all its glory.

Third, they can be a bit weird. For some of you, it isn’t bad enough that you are willing to post a dick pic to someone and risk others seeing it. You have to make them weird by posing or putting strange things on your penis. I once received one where the guy had stacked some polos on the tip. Yeah, because that’s going to make me want to suck it.

The final point? Women talk. Women talk a lot. They especially talk about guys they are dating or are interested in, and so if you send them a dick pic you risk them showing it to all of their friends and laughing about it.

Is it ever acceptable to send dick pics?

In the right context, it can be acceptable to send dick pics. The rest of the time though, you should keep it in your trousers and stick to saucy texts instead.

If your partner asks for a dick pic (and you trust them to not go showing it off to everyone) then by all means send it. When you do take the pic, make sure it is a simple picture of your cock, and not (as they saw in the video) your penis poking through a pizza… or anything weird.

Do you enjoy sending dick pics? Have you ever received one? Do you feel they are a good way to show your intentions towards someone?

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